How To Fish In Pet Simulator 99

Unlocked the minigame Fishing in Pet Simulator 99, but have no idea how it works. Here is all you need to know.

From Exclusive pets to items like Coins, Diamonds, and Enchants, Pet Simulator 99 Fishing minigame offers various rewards. The best part about it is that there is no time limit; once you have unlocked it, fish as many times as you want. After this, there are a few other games with no cooldown, but before it there are none.

The area is unique in several aspects, such as it uses its own currency. Moreover, you need them for purchasing any item from that area’s vendor. Not sure how to get those? Here we have covered everything you need to know and do in the Pet Sim 99 Fishing minigame.

How to Catch Fish in Pet Simulator 99

Fish In Pet Simulator 99
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Fishing is the easiest minigame of Pet Sim 99, which we unlock in the Zone 27 Pirate Tavern. Use Teleport Map if you have an unlocked feature and go there.

  • When you enter from the Fishing game portal you will see a basic rod placed on the Go Fishing board. Pick it up and left-click anywhere on the water to throw the bobber.
  • In a few seconds, you will see a bubble surrounding it, left-click to start the mini-game.
Catch Fish in Pet Simulator 99
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  • Now, you will see two bars on the right part of the screen. There is a bobber in the first bar, and you must keep it inside the green part to fill the percentage of the second bar.
  • Hold down using the left click to let the green part float, and release when you want it to go down. The percentage will start decreasing every time the bobber is out of the green part.
  • If you are playing from the mobile you might find yourself tapping in the process, avoid doing that. You have to hold on to the screen to make it go up and stop when it needs to go down.
  • When the second bar becomes 100 percent you get the reward.

How to Unlock Other Fishing Rods

Unlock Other Fishing Rods
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As you fish you will sometimes pull out Fishing Coins, which you use to purchase other Rods from the Fishing Merchant. The merchant’s booth can be seen on the left when you enter from the portal. At present, there are four rods, and here are their prices:

  1. Sturdy Fishing Rod: 100 Fishing Coins
  2. Advanced Fishing Rod: 2.5k Fishing Coins
  3. Super Fishing Rod: 30k Fishing Coins
  4. Pro Fishing Rod: 150k Fishing Coins

What are Fishing Rewards?

There is no saying what all is hidden beneath this water body, but these are some of the stuff we have gotten till now:

  • Coin Pouch
  • Diamond Pouch
  • Old Boot
  • Fishing Coins
  • Rainbow Fruit
  • Basic Coin Jar
  • TNT
  • Rainbow Swirl
  • Comet
  • Flags
  • Enchants
  • Potions
  • Huge Poseidon Corgi Pet

The Pet Simulator 99 Fishing area has a Shiny Relic hidden behind the Starfish, near the Rod Merchant, so grab it while you are there. Also, if this guide was helpful to you, check out the other topics we have covered on PS99. You can start with the Super Secret code and learn about the location of Stairway to Heaven.