How To Fish In Like A Dragon Ishin (Beginner’s Guide)

Take a look at the tips & tricks to fish in Like a Dragon Ishin easily.

In Like A Dragon Ishin you can always take a time off from the deadly combats and go fishing. As the game features various mini-games that can keep you engaged for hours. The fishing mini-game will not only help you farm Virtue but also allow you to cook yourself a meal. It is introduced in the early stages of the game but doesn’t guide the player much about how they can catch a fish. If you have already started fishing but having no luck catching one, then we have got your back.

How to Catch Fish in Like a Dragon Ishin?

How To Fish In Like A Dragon Ishin (Beginner's Guide)
Picture Credits: Cultured Vultures

To catch a Fish or any other creature in Like a Dragon Ishin you will have to wait for the shadow to turn red. And for that, you will have to cast a line in front of the White blob shadow. As soon as you successfully lured a fish in, the shadow will turn red and your console will start vibrating. After that, press the prompt button, i.e. X or A and you’ll be good to go. However you won’t be able to play the fishing mini-game until you reach Chapter Two, The Man Named Saito. And then, progress until the character wakes up in the Teradaya Inn. Once it does, in the southeast direction of the Inn you’ll spot the Uji River. Simply interact with it and grab the Easy Starter rod and start fishing.

As mentioned earlier, here you will have to aim in front of the white blob and that’ll do the trick. You can also improve your chances by purchasing a better fishing rod from the Shinto Temple. For your reference below are all the fishing rods available in the game.

  • Easy Starter available for Free
  • River Classic can be bought for 400 Virtue
  • Seamaster can be bought for 1,500 Virtue
  • Rivermaster can be bought for 1500 Virtue
  • Sea Classic can be bought for 400 Virtue
  • Peerless Pole can be bought for 4,000 Virtue

As you can see all of the fishing rods can be purchased by using the Virtue. So go ahead and keep fishing with the Easy Starter rod until you have enough in-game currency to buy the Peerless Pole. If buying the Fishing rod is not helping you catch a fish in Like a Dragon Ishin, then you can always buy some bait. Players can buy baits from Ichikura’s General Goods Store located in Fushimi or the Bait Monger of Shijo Street in Rakunai. Below are all the baits and their price to buy in the game.

  • Ichikura’s store can get you:
    • Quality Bait for 1,000 Mon
    • Bait for 500 Mon
  • Bait Monger can get you
    • Special Bait for 2000 Mon
    • Tog Grade Bait for 500 Mon

Using these baits will surely get you the rare fish or any other creatures you are looking for. With that said, this is all you need to know about how you can fish in Like a Dragon Ishin easily. If you have already started the grind then don’t forget to check out how to equip & use Special Weapons in the game. Also, take a look at the ways to get Money quickly.