How To Get Money Fast In Like A Dragon Ishin

Here's what you can do to earn Money efficiently in Like a Dragon Ishin.

Looking for some quicks ways to get Money in Like A Dragon Ishin? Then you have just arrived at the right place. Every game deals in its own special currency to buy certain in-game items. Likewise, in Like a Dragon Ishin, Virtue is the special currency used for crafting weapons and other stuff. There may be times when you will fall short of money. In such instances, you should know the right and efficient methods of farming money. That being said, here’s everything you should know.

Like a Dragon: Ishin Money Farming Guide

Like a Dragon: Ishin Money Farming Guide

There are several methods of earning money in this game. Here are they:

Farming (Another Life)

During Chapter 4, you will come across an NPC known as Haruka who is in great debt. You will be offering her help by harvesting several crops on the farm. Further, you can also deliver orders by harvesting crops and cooking dishes out of them. Thankfully, by investing a little Virtue, you can expand the farm and harvest even more crops. Once you get accustomed, you will have plenty of money in no time.

Like a Dragon: Ishin Money Farming Guide


Another way to earn money in Like a Dragon Ishin is through Fishing. After arriving in Fushimi, during Chapter 2, you will be granted a Fishing Rod. Luckily, you can use it outside quests at certain fishing spots. For those who don’t know, Fishing Spots can be found near Teradaya Inn, south Fushimi. Additionally, you can also travel to Kamo River, Mukurogai for fishing.

Keep in mind that you do not require insects or bait to collect fishes. However, if you use bait, there are chances that you may obtain a rare fish. Now that you have a few fishes in your Inventory, head over to the commercial area at the center of the Fushimi region. There, you can easily sell your collected Fish and earn Money in Like a Dragon Ishin.


While the previous 2 methods assure guaranteed money, this method is a bit risky. Although, if you are lucky enough, you can get a great amount of money in no time. In Like a Dragon Ishin, you can do Gambling by playing Minigames. Here are the locations where you can Gamble:

  • Poker – Gambling Den in Rakugai
  • Koi-Koi – Gambling Den in Rakugai
  • OichoKabu – Gambling Den in Rakugai
  • Cee-Lo – Gambling Den in Rakugai
  • Odds and Evens – Gambling Den in Rakugai
  • Chicken Racing – Inside a Building located in the center of Rakugai region

That covers everything on how to earn fast money in Like a Dragon Ishin. Meanwhile, you are here, make sure to check out our other Video Game Guides on Gamer Tweak.