The First Descendant Character Tier List

Take a look at The First Descendant Character Tier List to help you select the best character in the game.

The First Descendant Character Tier list is important in order to select the most powerful character, whether you are playing solo or multiplayer. You can select the option of Co-op mode to defeat your opponents or even go solo and take out the enemies all by yourself. This RPG offers dynamic gameplay with stunning graphics that will truly instill the feeling of saving all of humanity from extinction. You can now use this guide to select the best character.

The First Descendant Character Tier List

Tier List For The First Descendant

We have categorized the Descendants by ranking them from S Tier (Best) to C Tier (Worst)

S Tier

  • Bunny

A Tier

  • Valby
  • Ajax
  • Freyna
  • Jayber
  • Lepic

B Tier

  • Gley
  • Blair
  • Kyle

C Tier

  • Viessa
  • Sharen

S Tier characters are usually limited and may vary from person to person with regards to how they like to use their character. In this Tier List, we have selected Bunny as a S Tier character because of her AOE Electric Damage, Speed, and Attacks using electricity that she generates while running. She can also be upgraded which will only add more powerful attributes to her character. She is available to play early on in the game, itself.

How to unlock Bunny

Early on in the game, you will have to complete the Bunny Crafting Training side quest, during one of the first missions. You will have to get these materials: Bunny Stabilizer, Bunny Code, Bunny Enhanced Cells, and Bunny Spiral Catalyst. Once you have acquired all of these, you can go to Anais in Albion, where you can start researching Bunny. This research will take up to 12 hours, after it is completed, only then you will be able to unlock her.

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