Starfield Topher’s Key: Where To Find (Location Guide)

Here's where players can find the Topher's Key in Starfield.

If you are working on one of the missions in the Well in New Atlantis, you might need to look for Topher’s Key in Starfield. While there is not a whole lot of loot that you can get from the safe locked in Topher Ugowat’s apartment, it might be something interesting at this point in the game. Since Starfield is all about exploration and side quests, players might find this little tour quite good. In this guide, we will show you where to locate Topher’s Key so you can open the safe in his apartment.

How to Get Topher’s Key in Starfield

Starfield Topher's Key Location Guide

If you are looking for Topher’s Key in Starfield, first make your way over to his apartment in the Well area in New Atlantis. Although the door is only locked with a Novice Level lock and can be picked with the Digipick, you will be greeted by a big robotic dog named Big Bruno and it’s safe to say, this good boy is not that friendly to strangers. Avoid standing still since this tanky opponent deals a lot of damage.

After you defeat Big Bruno, roam around the apartment and you will soon find the corpse of Topher Ugowat lying in a pool of blood near the entrance itself. Once you loot the corpse and get the Topher’s Key, head inside the room in order to find the safe and now you can easily unlock it in Starfield.

While there isn’t a lot of loot, the Credits and XP is good enough at this point in the game. Don’t forget to collect crafting materials from Big Bruno once you defeat him.

That’s all we have from this guide on how to get Topher’s Key in Starfield. Since you are playing Starfield, our dedicated section has more guides that you might need so check them out while you are here at Gamer Tweak.