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How To Complete Find The Golden Egg Puzzle In Fortnite

Collect all the six eggs and complete Find The Golden Egg puzzle.

Fortnite is filled with multiple side-puzzles that offer engagement to the players. There is a Find The Golden Egg puzzle developed by Weck currently running in the game. To complete the puzzle, gamers have to find a total of six golden eggs on an island and shoot them. Although the gold color is eye-catching, it is quite difficult to spot and find all the golden eggs through six different levels. This guide will tell you the exact locations where you can find the eggs and complete Find The Golden Egg puzzle in Fortnite.

How to Complete Find The Golden Egg Puzzle

How to Start Find The Golden Egg Puzzle

It’s obvious that to complete the puzzle, you will first have to enter it. This can be done through three simple steps.

  1. Start a creative server
  2. Find a Feature Rift and interact with it
  3. Put the code 5232-2456-2630 to enter the puzzle

Where to Find The Golden Eggs

Once you are in the puzzle, find 6 golden eggs on different levels to complete it. Here’s where exactly you will find the Golden Eggs in each level of the puzzle.

First Level

The start in the gaming world is always easy. The first golden egg will be sitting right in front of you in the puzzle. Aim at it break it, and the egg will be yours.

Second Level

The next Golden Egg is located on the upper-left corner of the barn. Keep your eyes open for the shining egg above the bails of hay and it won’t be too hard to spot.

Third Level

The third Egg of Find The Golden Egg puzzle will be found situated behind the rock formation. It will be slightly towards the right side of the level.

Fourth Level

To find the fourth Golden Egg, players will have to move to and fro like a drunkard. The egg is located on the far left side of the white tent. It might take a little longer to find this egg as it is not easily visible.

Fifth Level

You will need a very keen eye to be able to spot this one. First, find an unlikely vehicle which is different from the others that you see in the gameplay. To be able to see this Golden Egg look through the fence and the vehicle, right into the building behind it. The Egg will be resting towards the right of the building’s door.

Sixth Level

The last Golden Egg to complete the puzzle and move forward will be located at the far left between the leaves and the anchor. Players will have to reach the far left of the level to see the Egg.

Collect all the six Eggs to complete Find The Golden Egg puzzle in Fortnite. Side-puzzles are just one thing, there are a lot many ways to enjoy the game. You can turn on the car radio and listen to the playlist while roaming around the city. What if you are out of gas? Don’t worry as there are Gas stations available in the game to refuel. Make sure to ride the cars and enjoy the game to its fullest.