Where To Find Peyote Plants In GTA 5? (Locations Guide)

Wondering how you can turn yourself into a random animal or bird? Check out the Peyote Plant locations and consume them to see the magic.

GTA 5 features Peyote Plants that you can find & consume to experience a hallucination. For those who are new, after consuming this cactus, the character turns into an animal, bird, or fish. And the effects last until the character dies. Usually, the spawn rate of such collectible items is increased on festivals like Halloween, Easter, etc. However, on normal days you can still get your hands on this plant. As of now, there are 27 of these cacti plants scattered over the map. And once you collect 21 of them, it’ll reward you with Cryptozoologist achievement and unlock all the animals for you to try.

How to Find Every Peyotes Plant in GTA 5 (2023)

Where To Find All Peyotes Plant In GTA 5 (Locations)
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In GTA 5, to find Peyotes Plant you’ll have to go to various underwater & land locations. And for your reference, we have listed them all in the article below.

Land Peyotes Locations

The locations mentioned below are all on land. And some of the spots are located on elevated places that may require a Helicopter to reach.

  1. In North Point of Paleto Bay, you’ll find a cactus beside a park bench.
  2. At Mount Chiliad in the southeast direction of the Bells End sign head up the hill and near two red flags.
  3. In the north direction of the Hobo campsite in the Mount Chiliad
  4. Head in the west direction in Mount Gordon and near a small lake you’ll find the Peyote Plant
  5. In Raton Canyon follow the hiking trail and near the viewpoint, you’ll find one more cactus
  6. From Raton Canyon move towards the north of Cassidy Creek and there’s a Peyote beside the hiking trail.
  7. On the north side of Fort Zancudo, there’s one more cactus sitting out in the open.
  8. In the Two Hoots Fall located in the south direction of the Zancudo River keep moving up and you’ll find the cactus
  9. Near the trailers located in the Grand Senora Desert, you’ll find Peyote near the desert oil rigs
  10. In the north direction at the end of the Alternates Wind Farm owned by Ron, you’ll see a plant sitting next to a parked trailer.
  11. In Grand Senora Desert simply head to the east of the Redwood Light Track and you’ll find the plant beside the Welcome sign near the farmhouse.
  12. At the east of Galileo Park near the observatory tunnel, you’ll see a hiking trail. And just beside it, you’ll find the Peyotes Plant every player is looking for in GTA 5.
  13. At the back of the house located in the west Vinewood Hills, you’ll see a storm drain and beside it, there’ll be another Peyote cactus.
  14. On the eastern side of the Beaver Bush Ranger Station in Vinewood Hills, there’s a cactus lying in the open.
  15. One Peyote plant is placed in a potted plant on a balcony of Gentry Manor Hotel. To reach this location use a parachute or helicopter and you’ll be good to go.
  16. In Nikola Place Street located in Mirror Park, on the rear porch of the empty house, you’ll find one cactus in a pot.
  17. Take a boat to a small island located to the east of the Noose Headquarters in the Pacific Ocean.
  18. In El Burro Heights near the parking lot head to the south direction and you’ll find the plant out in the open facing the south coast.
  19. At a betting cage of the baseball diamond in Chamberlain Hills, in the backyard of BJ Smith Rec center, there’s one more of these collectibles next to a fence.
  20. In Vespucci Beach near the balcony area of Venetian Hotel, there’s one more lying in a pot beside the white stairs.
  21. In Los Santos Customs beside the forklift in a bus carcass located in the western direction, there’s the last Peyote plant on land.

Sea Peyotes Locations

To find the rest of the Peyotes plant you’ll have to explore various underwater regions in GTA 5. Before you move ahead make sure that you have a Scuba suit.

  1. Near a sunken airplane located in the northeast direction of the Paleto Bay
  2. In the Alamo Sea head to the northwest side and keep looking for another piece of this cactus underwater.
  3. Near a sunken raw boat located on the west side of the Lago Zancudo River in the Pacific Ocean
  4. Head into the Pacific Ocean on the east of Humane Labs & Research, and keep moving forward until you see a sunken tank.
  5. Go to the eastern side of the Del Perro Pier and keep moving further until you reach the end. And near a white pillar, you’ll find one more piece of this cactus plant.
  6. In the underwater area located on the east side of Los Santos International Airport, keep looking for triangle-shaped wooden debris. And near it, you’ll find the last Peyote Plant.

To consume these Plants all you have to do is press Right on the D-pad and turn yourself into a random animal. If you’ve collected them all then don’t worry, wait for 24 in-game hours and the cactus plant will respawn.

That sums up all about the locations to find the Peyotes Plant in GTA 5 easily. You can always make the game more fun by installing the Slap Mod. Also, take a look at other cheats & codes to obtain free Vehicles in the game.