V Rising Nibbles The Putrid Rat Location

Find out where is Nibbles The Putrid Rat and how you can unlock the Rat form.

While you can track and find most bosses, finding Nibbles The Putrid Rat in V Rising is something that is going to take a lot of effort. Most players don’t know but Nibbles does not actually exist on the map. Instead, you have to summon this boss using some resources. Taking down this enemy is worth it as it will reward you with an underrated ability to transform into a Rat. If that intrigues you to find Nibbles the Putrid Rat, here’s a quick guide that can help you.

How to Find Nibbles The Putrid Rat in V Rising

To find Nibbles and unlock the Rat form, you need to craft a Vermin Nest in your Castle. You can find this structure in the Build menu by navigating to the Production > Refinement category. Building the Vermin Nest requires you to spend 360 Stone and 80 Bones so make sure you have enough of these resources.

Once you have the Vermin Nest crafted, you are going to need two important materials to summon Nibbles the Putrid Rat in V Rising, and here are they:

  • Unsullied Heart: This can easily be obtained by defeating human enemies and bosses found in the bandit camps.
  • Grave Dust: Obtained from defeating Ghouls and undead enemies found across the map. Also, you can grind Bones in the Grinder to obtain Grave Dust.
summoning nibbles the putrid rat in v rising
Summoning Nibbles using the Vermin Nest. Image Credits to Shark R

After obtaining both of these materials, go to the Vermin Nest and put them inside. Make sure not to put an excess of these materials or else you will have to face multiple giant rats. Just put 1 Unsullied Heart and 4 Grave Dust in the Vermin Nest. After doing this, Nibbles will be summoned right before you in V Rising.

Note: The required amount of Unsullied Heart and Grave Dust will differ depending on the difficulty you are playing on.

Defeating Nibbles the Putrid Rat will unlock the Rat form for you. You can use it to transform into a normal-sized Rat and escape enemies without being noticed.

Aside from this, if you are interested in proceeding toward an aggressive approach then I think you should check out our guides on Iron Whip and Greatsword. They can help you fend off the toughest enemies to ever exist in V Rising.