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V Rising: Errol The Stonebreaker Location & How To Defeat

Looking for the location of Errol the Stonebreaker and where to find him? We got you covered.

In V Rising, you will be required to defeat a few big bad V-Blood bosses from time to time. These bosses hold a lot of resources, recipes and sometimes new powers for you to unlock. Errol the Stonebreaker is one such boss that you will encounter towards the beginning half of the game. So let’s check out the location of Errol the Stonebreaker in V Rising and learn how to defeat him as well.

How to Find Errol the Stonebreaker in V Rising (Location)


Errol Location V Rising

Errol the Stonebreaker will be the second V-Blood boss you fight in V Rising. You can find him near the Bandit Copper Mine in the Farbane Woods.

You can also use your Blood Altar if you have set it up.


  • Interact with the Altar and select Errol the Stonebreaker.
  • Click on Track Blood.
  • You will notice a faint trail of blood on your screen which you have to follow.
  • The trail won’t be constant and will keep disappearing in the middle.

How to Beat Errol the Stonebreaker (Boss Fight Guide)

Find Errol V Rising


Once you locate Errol you will have to beat him in order to unlock the Big Stash recipe and the Aftershock ability. He is a Level 20 V-Blood boss so we recommend you are at least Level 20 or above for the fight.

  • Clear as many of his minions as you can. They will create a lot of chaos for you.
  • Errol is notable for his melee swings and using the Aftershock ability.
  • You can dodge his melee attacks and just jump to the left or right during the Aftershock ability.
  • For this boss fight we recommend you use a melee like Axe or a Mace. Combine it with Dash and Basic Ability Blood Rite, Shadowbolt.

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