Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Where To Find Bellibolt

Here is where you can find Bellibolt in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Bellibolt is an Electric frog-like Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet and many people want to learn where they can find it. Not only is this a new Pokemon introduced in this game, but it also has a new ability called Electromorphosis. Thus you can see why many people are searching for it. So in this guide let us check where you can find Bellibolt in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Where to Find Bellibolt in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

pokemon scarlet and violet where to find bellibolt

You can find Bellibolt in areas closer to the water bodies of the Paldea region, or at Iono’s gym. The first method lets you catch the Pokemon while the other doesn’t. Here is how both ways to find Bellibolt work in this game.

  • For an incomplete Pokedex entry:
    • You can challenge Iono to find Bellibolt. This is because she is a gym leader of Electric-type Pokemon. So using this method won’t allow you to actually catch or add Bellibolt to your team. But you can certainly fight it and add its entry to your Pokedex.
  • Complete Pokedex entry:
    • In order to get a complete Pokedex entry for Bellibolt, you will have to catch it. And while we are yet to learn the names of the different routes, towns, and other areas. Based on the trailers, you can find Bellibolt near lands that are closer to water. So try looking for it in places that have some waterfalls or some rivers near them. These can narrow down your search quite a lot.
    • Another tip for finding Bellibolt is to look for it in the late evening or at night. As per the official site’s description “After the sun sets, you can hear strange noises coming from Bellibolt’s habitat”. These sounds are emitted from their stomachs when they are hungry. Thus areas that make weird sounds at night might indicate you are closer to some hungry Bellibolt.

That covers this guide on where to find Bellibolt in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Since you are interested in this game also check our guide on how to Terastalize Pokemon.

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