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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: How To Terastallize Pokemon

Here is how you can Terastallize Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet.

Learning how to Terastallize your Pokemon can help you win many battles in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. This is thanks to the new Terastal Phenomenon introduced in these games. It transforms your Pokemon and gives them a gem-like appearance. So in this guide let us check how to Terastallize your Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet and how to recharge Tera Orb.

How to Terastallize Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet

pokemon scarlet and violet how to terastallize pokemon and recharge tera orb

You can press R to Terastallize Pokemon in this game when you have a Tera Orb. This is a special item that only a selected few trainers have in the Paldea region. It also needs to have Terastal energy in it for you to use. Here is what you need to do.

  1. Get into a Pokemon Battle.
  2. Press the R button if you have the option to Terastallize.
  3. This will cause the Terastal Phenomenon and your Pokemon will begin to transform.
  4. Based on the Tera Type of your Pokemon it will transform.

Do remember this information is from the World Overview trailer. We are still yet to learn when you unlock the ability to start terastallizing your Pokemon.

Oh, and a few more things we learned from the official site is that you can only terastallize your Pokemon once per battle. The transformation will only last during the battle. Once it is over the Pokemon will return to its usual form. And Terastallizing a Pokemon uses up all of the Terastal energy of your Tera Orb.

How to Recharge your Tera Orb

There are two ways to recharge your Tera Orb in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. The first is by touching crystals with Terastal energy, you can find them scattered throughout the region. And the second way is by going to a Pokémon Center.

That covers this guide on how to Terastallize a Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and how to recharge Tera Orbs. I suggest you also check our other guide on the possible evolutions of the gen 9 starters.