Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Gen 9 Starters & Evolutions

Wondering about the gen 9 starters of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet? Check out this guide to learn about them & the secondary types.

It has been a while since the Pokemon Gen 9 Starters were teased and fans are eager to learn more about them. Even though we have a trailer and a launch date for the game there isn’t much information about Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly. So in this guide let us take a look at the generation 9 Starters of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and what their evolutions and secondary types are.

Pokemon Gen 9 Starters

pokemon scarlet and violet gen 9 starters evolutions and secondary types

As mentioned previously, the generation 9 starters are Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly. Here is what you should know about them.

  • Sprigatito: Sprigatito is a grass-type Pokemon and has the appearance of a cat.
  • Fuecoco: Fuecoco is a fire-type Pokemon that looks like a funny crocodile.
  • Quaxly: Quaxly is a water-type Pokemon that looks like a duck.

These were just the basics of these Pokemon let us look at their evolutions.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Starter Evolutions

Here are the Evolutions of the Starters for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet:

  • Sprigatito
    • Floragato (Grass)
    • Meowscarada (Grass / Dark)
  • Fuecoco
    • Crocalor (Fire)
    • Skeledirge (Fire / Ghost)
  • Quaxly
    • Quaxwell (Water)
    • Quaquaval (Water / Fighting)

The below information on starter evolutions is prior to the game’s release and what my speculation was for the possible evolutions at the time.

At the time of writing this article, there are no known evolutions or what the secondary types for any of these Pokemon will be. While there is no official information available here is my speculation on what the secondary types of these Pokemon might be.

There are two routes the new games can take while deciding to evolve these Pokemon.

  • Not giving them a second type
    • If we talk about the Johto Starters then none of them had a second type. If that is the case then no matter what the starters evolve into their secondary type will remain none. But they have already done that with the starters of Sword and Shield so it is unlikely we will see this combination again.
  • Giving them completely new secondary types
    • This is most probably the route that the new games will take. Sun and Moon starters had some of the most interesting evolutions.
    • Here is my speculation on what the secondary types of generation 9 Pokemon could be:
      • Sprigatito’s final evolution: Grass/Fairy
      • Fuecoco’s final evolution: Fire/Ground
      • Quaxly’s final evolution: Water/Fighting

That covers everything you should know about the gen 9 starters of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and their Evolutions & secondary types. If you enjoyed this guide then be sure to check out our other Video Game guides. And for more things about Pokemon and other games check out Gamer Tweak.