How To Find Andreja In Starfield New Game Plus (NG+)

This guide will show you how to find Andreja in Starfield New Game Plus, whether you're following the main questline or collecting artifacts.

In your original playthrough, you may have briefly met Andreja during the story mission Into the Unknown. Now, you can get to know Andreja even better with New Game Plus. We’ll explain how to find Andreja in Starfield New Game Plus mode.

Andreja Location in Starfield New Game Plus

should you choose andreja or sarah in starfield

In Starfield’s New Game Plus mode, finding and recruiting Andreja, a member of the Constellation, can vary depending on the NG+ variant you are playing.

Normal Playthrough

In a normal NG+ playthrough, Andreja can be found in her usual location on the planet Niira. Follow the steps below to find her:

  1. Progress through the main questline until you receive a string of missions.
  2. Complete the missions leading up to Andreja’s appearance.
  3. As you venture into space to retrieve artifacts, Andreja will become accessible after a specific point in the storyline.
  4. Locate Andreja in her designated area within the game world.

Skipping the Main Questline

If you choose to pass the main questline, you will not encounter Andreja until you have collected the required Artifacts.

  1. Collect at least seven Artifacts by exploring different planets and completing side quests.
  2. Once you have the necessary number of Artifacts, head to The Lodge.
  3. Search for Andreja within The Lodge. She might not be present initially, as she needs to extricate herself from a situation due to your decision to skip the main quests.

Where To Find And Get Andreja In Starfield

Replaying the Main Quests

To encounter Andreja in NG+ while replaying the main quests, you need to locate her on a random planet during the specific quest that unlocks her.

  1. Progress through the storyline until you reach the quest, introducing Andreja as a recruitable companion.
  2. Explore different planets during this quest and search for Andreja’s presence.
  3. Once you find her on a random planet, interact with her to initiate the recruitment process.

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