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Final Fantasy XVI Official Twitter Account Registered, Announcement Coming Soon?

It is not unlikely that the role-playing game Final Fantasy XVI will be announced in the foreseeable future. An account on Twitter could speak for it.

With the Final Fantasy series, Square Enix has enjoyed great success over the past decades. And after remakes and remasters have often been on the program in recent years, many fans are wondering what a Final Fantasy XVI would look like.

The title has not yet been announced. And Naoki Yoshida, who lives at Square Enix, even described previous rumors as fake. But there is now a hint that initially seems quite authentic.

A Twitter account for Final Fantasy XVI was discovered in the depths of the Internet. It was set up in August 2020 and the channel’s tweets are protected. That means: there is nothing to see. Inevitably, the Twitter account doesn’t have to be from Square Enix. But the function for restoring the access data could provide a hint. The account is linked to the following email address or what is visible of it: “fa*******@s**********.*** “.

The domain could be square-enix.com, but this does not necessarily have to be the case. Please also note: The Twitter channel for the remake of Final Fantasy VII uses the email address “se*****@e*.***********.***”. The official Square Enix Twitter account uses “na******@s**********.***”.

Ultimately, Square Enix could actually be responsible for the discovery of the Twitter account of Final Fantasy XVI. But what does that mean? Some fans are sniffing a big announcement at the next PS5 event, which is rumored to be held in September.

At least one thing is certain: since the PS5 will be launched towards the end of the year, the next PS5 event can be expected in the coming weeks.