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Final Fantasy XVI Will Have Some Kind of Exclusive Deal with PlayStation 5, Insider Says

As we all know, till now the role-playing title of Final Fantasy XVI has not been officially announced. According to current reports, Sony Interactive Entertainment has already secured a kind of exclusive deal for the game.

Even if the official reveal of Final Fantasy XVI is still a long way off, it has already been confirmed to an entire world that the role-playing game is in the works. According to a report by a supposed insider on the Resetera forum, the presentation of Final Fantasy XVI was originally supposed to take place in June this year.


If this information corresponds to the facts that we have discussed earlier, then we can assume that the insider here refers to Sony Interactive Entertainment’s online event, at which the first games that are under development for the PlayStation 5 were presented.

The alleged insider further stated that Sony Interactive Entertainment managed to secure a kind of exclusive deal for Final Fantasy XVI. “[Final Fantasy] XVI is real. It was supposed to get announced in June’s event. It’s supposedly closer than most people would think. It has some kind of PS5 exclusivity (it was vague back then but it seems to be full timed exclusivity now). And I have no idea why they haven’t announced it yet,” the insider claims on the forum.

So far, neither Sony Interactive Entertainment nor Square Enix wanted to comment on the reports about the supposed exclusive deal on Final Fantasy XVI, so it remains to be seen how credible the user is.


As early as August 6, 2020, the new State of Play is coming to us, which is supposed to focus primarily on PlayStation 4 games, but there seems to be another similar major announcement planned for a later date this month.

However, during the course of the day, there were already indications that Sony Interactive Entertainment was trying to get more exclusive deals behind the scenes. We may learn more over the next few weeks.