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Final Fantasy XVI Could Be Temporary Exclusive on PlayStation 5, Journalist Hints

For the time being, we do not know practically anything about Final Fantasy XVI, but according to Jeff Grubb, a journalist at Venture Beat, the game could be temporary exclusive on PlayStation 5, a bit like with Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

The news has perhaps gone a little quiet, given that it is contained in a long post dedicated to the games that Microsoft will present during the Xbox Series X event to be held this month.


In the article, Grubb reports which he believes will be the first-party and third-party titles that will be announced, as well as other information on the Xbox Series S/Lockhart and the streaming service xCloud.

The sentence of Grubb is short, but the journalist hints that Final Fantasy XVI could be a temporary exclusive to Sony. This is what Grubb has said in the article: “I’m expecting the Xbox Games Showcase to live up to that title. Microsoft is going to primarily focus on games. But that doesn’t mean only first-party games, as it’s also bringing in third-party partners. That probably doesn’t mean Final Fantasy XVI from Square Enix, though (Sony is probably trying to lock that one down like Final Fantasy VII Remake).

Recall, among other things, that Square Enix is ​​currently working on Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2, which has unfortunately slowed down due to the worldwide COVID situation.


At the moment, of course, we don’t know anything about the title yet, so we just have to wait for official news on the part of those directly involved; news that we trust will arrive over the next few months.

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