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PS5: Next Major Announcement Coming Later This Month

A new report claims that Sony is planning to share more news about the PS5 this month.

The website Bloomberg has indicated that a PlayStation employee has said that Sony is planning to make the next major announcement about its new PS5 console in August. The employee wants to remain anonymous because the plans are not yet public at the moment.


It is not clear when the announcement will take place or what the announcement will consist of. That said, it is expected that the announcement will revolve around the price or release date of PS5. These are two more unknown factors of the console. So far, we have to deal with rumors surrounding the price of the console.

This post is in line with a recent statement from Sony. The company has indicated that the pre-orders for the console will not come as a surprise. That means it would make sense if there would be a first pre-order message this month.

Worldwide Head of Marketing Eric Lempel has previously stated that “I got a message from someone saying people are lining up at stores, and we had no idea why. We’ll let you know when pre-orders will happen. It’s not going to happen with a minute’s notice. We’re going to, at some point, let you know when you can pre-order PlayStation 5.


We don’t know yet what the announcement is, but it is known that it will not be part of the State of Play that we will see this Thursday, August 6. It is all about PlayStation 4 and PS VR games. However, we will get some updates from the PlayStation 5 games that we saw during the PS5 reveal. We should not “expect big PS5 announcements there.”

Recall that PS5 will release at the end of this year.