PS5 & Xbox Series X Prices Leaked Accidentally by French Retailer

As Sony Interactive Entertainment confirmed a few weeks ago, the PS5 will appear in two different versions. Today, a French retailer has accidentally leaked the possible prices for the two next-gen consoles. So far, of course, these have not been confirmed yet.

Both Sony Interactive Entertainment and Microsoft are still holding back when it comes to the launch of the two next-generation consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X. In principle, it was only confirmed that the two new-generation consoles will be released in this year’s Christmas season.

It was also said that interested players can choose between two different models on the PS5. In addition to a classic version, there will be a digital-only version that does not have an optical drive.

Shortly after the official announcement of the two PS5 models, of course, the question arose of what savings there would be in not having a drive. According to a French retailer Carrefour who has given the PS5 a price in the past few hours, the digital-only version of the PlayStation 5 will be launched at the price of €399. The classic model with an optical drive, however, will be offered for €499 according to the dealers.

Even if the prices were mentioned by several retailers at the same time, the information should of course be taken with the necessary precaution for the time being. So far, those responsible for Sony Interactive Entertainment have not wanted to comment on or even confirm the supposed prices.

The Xbox Series X, meanwhile, would be offered at €399. As per the previous rumors, the prices of these consoles seem consistent, therefore, it cannot be ruled out that it could turn out to be true.

It is also unclear when the price and date of the PS5 should be revealed officially by Sony. As it was made clear today, we should not expect the relevant information in the next State of Play on August 6, 2020.