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Final Fantasy 7 Remake – How To Farm Skill & Ability Points Guide

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Skill Points unlocks new upgrades, gives you access to induced materia’s in new slots, and a lot more. So farming Skill Points is a priority in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. In this FF7 Remake Skill farming guide, you will learn about how to earn SP fast and tips on EXP farmings. The game has a pretty extensive set of the skill tree, which works for the armor and weapons both. You can unlock new abilities for the character also. This helps you to grow stronger in the game. So here are some quick tips to farm skill points in FF7 Remake.

FF7 Remake SP and Ability Points Farming Guide


FF7 Remake has two attributes towards character upgrades. First is Skill Points and second is Ability Points. Both are rewarded during missions and when the points meter is filled enough the character Level Up. Skill points can be used to unlock new skills in different weapons. This includes some important upgrades like stronger defense or high damage. Ability Points will help you for Materia, you can increase your Materia Rank using these points and it makes them better.

How to farm Skill Points?

Starting with Skill Points there are two best places to check first. First is Corneo’s Colosseum and the second is Shinra Combat Simulator. These two are good to begin to level up fast. In Corneo’s Colosseum, you can participate in various combat challenges, and in the simulator, you can face summons. But these are unlocked later in the game, you will have to complete the main objectives.


Another way is to continue playing FF7 Remake on different modes once you had completed it. After the end, you can continue playing levels n hard mode to earn more XP and Skill points. Hard Mode is tough but it triples EXP and double Ability Points. Every character has its unique manuscript and there are in total 14 volumes for each.

After hitting the level cap you will find this manuscript unlocked that will help you to earn more Skill Points.

  • Cloud – The Art of Wordplay
  • Barret – The Sharpshooter’s Companion
  • Tifa – The Way of the Fist
  • Aerith – Telluric Scriptures


Also, focus on farming Moogle Medals in FF7 Remake. Some of the manuscripts will be unlocked in the Hard Mode, some require you to complete the challenge while some require to defeat an enemy. This unlocks few more volumes of manuscripts allowing you to add more skill points

Progressing from Level 10 to Level 11 rewards you 5 SP. Every character will unlock 5 SP when they unlock a new level. In this way, you earn an assured set of fixed skill points in FF7 Remake.

How to farm Ability Points?


Ability Points works differently in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and they are also difficult to farm. You will need some materia equipped to farm AP’s in FF7 Remake. For example, in Corneo’s Colosseum, you can use AP Up Materia to increase the number of Ability Points by 100%. To unlock AP UP Materia you will need Pedometer Materia. Walk 5000 steps and you will get AP UP Materia.

Pedometer Materia will be unlocked in Chapter 14, look near the steel staircase right in front of Aerith’s house. Grab the materia and complete the requirement to unlock the next one. You can then play in hard mode to double your chances of earning Ability Up materia.

Keep working and upgrade your character to max. The problem lies in the hard mode when things are more challenging, but with right upgrades, it will be not that tough.