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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Combat Tips – How To Fight

Combat is a big part of the game, there are some critical things you must know before you start.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is challenging, filled with bosses, soldiers, robots, etc you will be fighting a lot in it. As Cloud, an elite soldier learning his abilities will help you win the various fight. In this guide, you will learn some critical points to remember when you are fighting.


Final Fantasy 7 Remake Combat Tips

Some pro tips to deal with enemies in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Learn how to use Cloud’s Abilities, Magic and more.

Always Lock your target before attacking

Press R3 to lock a target, this saves a ton of time and attack power. Always lock your target and focus on one enemy at a time. You have enough time to deal with others, if there are multiple soldiers then you can spam attacks on all nearby enemies. But when you are in boss fights lock the target first, using this will help you to accurately unleash Power Attacks, Spells and Limit Breaks.

What is Punisher Mode?

Cloud has two abilities, in a battle on the left corner of the screen, you will see two types of fight mode. First is Finisher Mode and the second is regular Attack. Regular attacks are performed by pressing Square and for Finisher Mode press Triangle. Read our guide to know which attack mode is best in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.


How to Refill ATB Gauge?

ATB Gauge allows you to use abilities, spells, and items. Abilities allow unleash really amazing attacks that can cause high damage. Spells allow you to stagger enemies and attack them from distance. Items are consumables that restore your HP powering you to stay longer in the game.

How to Dash?

Press R1 or R2 to move outside the battle quickly. Using this move you can move fast around and jump in and out of battle fast. Press left joystick (L3) to dash, you can keep pressing this until want to stop. It is a an easy way to move fast.


Where to find consumables?

Consumables or potions will restore HP during the battle. They are commonly found by killing soldiers, checking in crates and chest in the area. It is not that tough to find potions, just keep looking in corners. Also you can purchase them from stores.

What works best against Soldiers?

Use Fire Spells against Riot Troopers, Shock Troopers, etc. A kind of elite breed of soldiers who carry shield or unique weapons. Fire Spell will throw them off them off the ground. Do not switch to Punisher Mode, because you will need speed. In Operator Mode things are balance and it is best to deal with Midgar city soldiers.


How Consumables Works?

You will loose HP in fights, and restore it consuming Potions will help. A standard Potion restores 350 HP and can be purchased from various vendors for 50 Gil. You can purchase this in stock and keep a high amount of Potion in your inventory. Next is Antidote that cost 80 Gil and cures Poison. Keep some of these in your stock. High Potion restores 700 HP and can be purchased for the same weapon vendor.

How to restore Full HP?

Take a break, there are rooms with bed. You can also rest on Blue Benches next to vending machine that restores your HP and you will be ready for your next mission.

Stay tuned, there is more coming.