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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Operator Mode vs Punisher Mode

Cloud has two unique ability, where in Punisher mode is stronger. But there are limitations.

Cloud comes with two unique abilities in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Allowing you to select one between Operator and Punisher mode, you can choose either to be stronger or faster. In this guide, you will learn about the difference between Operator Mode and Punisher Mode in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. What are the pros and cons of both and when to use them?


What is Operator Mode?

In Operator Mode, Cloud is more balanced. He is fast, can switch targets and release standard attacks. Operator Mode is best when you are surrounded by multiple enemies. Because here moving fast as well as guarding yourself against incoming attacks is necessary. Use Operator Mode to deal with smaller enemies, soldiers, dogs, etc.

What is Punisher Mode?

In Punisher Mode, the Cloud releases a stronger attack dealing high damage. Punisher Mode makes him slow and he is vulnerable against ranged attack or magic. In Operator Mode he can guard himself by pressing R1. He can evade by pressing Circle. But in Punisher Mode this move is restricted if you press Circle to evade you will be switched back to Operator Mode. Punisher Mode is best to deal with enemies like Sweeper or bosses. Because in boss fights you have to focus on one enemy.
Cloud will counter blow every time against an enemy’s melee attack. This is a kind of auto-guard feature that works in this mode only. To attack keep pressing Square. You will soon unlock two-player gameplay where Barret will join the party. He is best for ranged attacks.

How to Switch Attacks Modes?

Switching between Operator Mode and Punisher Mode in Final Fantasy 7 Remake is done by pressing the Triangle. You can switch between any mode in between the fight. When you want to take down an enemy faster switch to Punisher mode


Another form of attack that can underpower enemies is Limit Break. But it is restricted to a meter displayed on the bottom right of the screen below MP. You can use Limit Break only when the gauge is full. Want to know how to use Limit Attack, then check this guide.