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Final Fantasy XVI Characters & World Details Revealed In New Teaser Website

While it is still unclear when Final Fantasy XVI will be released, the newly opened website lets you delve further into the history of the title. The game world and first characters are presented.

Square Enix has released the official website for the role-playing game Final Fantasy XVI. You can see all kinds of new details about the PS5 title. A large part of the descriptions is devoted to the game world and the individual regions.


Final Fantasy XVI is set in Valisthea, which is under the influence of mother crystals. They are glittering crystal mountains that tower over the surrounding realms and bless them with ether.

Valisthea is made up of several realms including:

  • The Grand Duchy of Rosaria – An association of previously independent provinces
  • The Holy Empire of Sanbrèque – The greatest theocracy of Valisthea
  • The Kingdom of Waluth – The eastern half of Valisthea
  • The Republic of Dhalmekia – A union of five states
  • The Iron Kingdom – A small group of islands off the coast of Styrm
  • The Crystal Dominium – In the heart of Valisthea


You can read details about the regions on the linked website, which also shared extensive information on the most important characters. These include Clive Rosfield, Joshua Risfield and Jill Warrick.

Clive Rosfield is the protagonist of Final Fantasy XVI and at the same time the firstborn of the Archduke of Rosaria. At the same time, he acts as a bodyguard who protects his younger brother Joshua, the dominant of the Phoenix. Joshua gave Clive the blessing of the phoenix and gave him a portion of the Egg of Fire, which allows him to use magical abilities. However, as the story progresses, he is drawn into a major tragedy.

In the role of the dominant, Joshua can transform himself into the Phoenix and protect his nation in battles. Although he comes from the royal family, Joshua is friendly to everyone. At the same time, he has a childish side and does not like carrots.


Jill Warrick is a confidante of the brothers. At a young age, Jill was brought from her home in the Northern Territories to become a patron of the duchy, thus ensuring peace between the two kingdoms. She spent her childhood with Clive and Joshua in the Rosfields’ home.

The esper is also mentioned. They are the most powerful and deadliest creatures in Valisthea. They are hosted by a Dominant, individuals who are gifted with the ability to call upon their terrible power. According to Square Enix, in some realms, these Dominants are treated like nobles out of admiration, and in other regions, their power is feared and instrumentalized.

Final Fantasy XVI was announced for the PlayStation 5 a few weeks ago. The release date is still pending.