Final Fantasy XVI Is Coming To PS5 Only in 2021, Its Official

Could Final Fantasy XVI really be coming to PS5 next year? The current issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine, which speaks of a release in 2021, provides official confirmation in this direction.

As part of the last big PS5 games showcase, the Japanese publisher Square Enix announced the role-playing game Final Fantasy XVI for the PlayStation 5.

Solid details about the playful implementation and the release period were unfortunately not mentioned in the official announcement. According to current reports, the release of Final Fantasy XVI will take place in 2021. At least the official PlayStation magazine points to this and also says that the fantasy adventure in the coming year will only be available on the new console of Sony.

The fact that Final Fantasy XVI will be released exclusively for the PlayStation 5 has already been confirmed when the role-playing game was announced. So far, Square Enix has not wanted to comment on the information from the Official PlayStation Magazine and the alleged release next year. However, a publication in 2021 does not seem entirely unrealistic.

The usually well-informed gaming journalist Jason Schreier recently reported, with reference to several developers involved, that Final Fantasy XVI could appear earlier than many assumed. And if that was not enough, a current job advertisement from Square Enix revealed a few days ago that the basic development and scenario production of Final Fantasy XVI had been successfully completed.

To what extent the whole thing actually indicates a release of Final Fantasy XVI in the coming year remains to be seen.