FIFA 23: How To Do The Griddy Celebration (Controls Guide)

Scored a tough goal? Check out our guide on how to do the Griddy celebration in FIFA 23.

With a plethora of iconic teams and players, your only focus should be scoring enough goals in FIFA 23. And with scoring goals, comes the latter part of the culture-appropriate celebrations. Even if you don’t follow football much, you would know that Celebrations are a part of every goal scored. That being said, the Griddy celebration has made its way to FIFA as well as Madden NFL. But how to pull off this celebration? Check out our guide on how to do Griddy Celebration in FIFA 23 to find out.

How to Do Griddy Celebration in FIFA 23 (Controls)

Here’s how to perform the Griddy celebration on different platforms:

  • Xbox: Hold the RT Button and flick the RS or right joystick upwards twice.
  • PlayStation: Hold the R2 Button and flick the RS or right joystick upwards twice.

As you press these keybinds, the player that scored a goal will perform the Griddy step with his/her teammates celebrating around the field. To perform griddy, you also need to score a point against the team, beforehand. Once you have won or scored a point against the opposing team, press the assigned keybinds to execute this celebration.

griddy in fifa 23

Speaking of its origin, the Griddy celebration is an original dance created by Allen Davis. Ever since his original dancing celebration in NFL, sportspeople have often recreated this dance as a celebration. It is also a part of several games like Fortnite and Madden 23. So, this wild celebration has become pretty culture-appropriate and popular among the community. As it is now available on FIFA 23, we suggest you try it on with your favorite players. But make sure to use it after a tough or challenging goal is scored.

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