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Final Fantasy XIV: How To Dive Underwater

Here is how you can dive underwater in Final Fantasy 14 online.

In Final Fantasy XIV, players can dive underwater. While this game mechanic wasn’t there from the start, its introduction in the Stormblood expansion unlocked a whole new experience. When you dive underwater you get to do things like gather resources, do underwater specific side quests, and spearfishing. But while all of it is great you cannot just jump into the water and start diving. So in this guide let us check how to dive underwater in FFXIV, and how to unlock it.

How to Dive Underwater in Final Fantasy XIV

final fantasy xiv how to dive underwater
Image Credit: Dumps on YouTube

In order to dive underwater, you need to press the Ctrl and Spacebar keys on your keyboard. But you cannot dive underwater if you haven’t unlocked the ability. We will check how to unlock it in a bit. You also cannot go underwater in just any water body in the game. The water has to be deep enough for you to dive in. Some of the areas where you can go underwater are the lake in Azim Steppe, the Ruby sea, and more.

The best part is if you are flying on a mount and there is deep enough water, then you can dive inside with your mount. Go to any such areas and start swimming, next press the buttons to dive in.

  • PC: Press the Ctrl and Spacebar keys on your keyboard.
  • Xbox: Press the B button on your Xbox controller.
  • PlayStation: Press the Circle button on your PlayStation controller.

When you dive you see your character starts swimming downwards. This will follow up with a bubbles transition and the next moment your character will be underwater. In order to get back to the surface simply swim upwards. You will see the same animation and after it you will come up.

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How to Unlock Dive in FFXIV

how to unlock dive in ffxiv
Image Credit: Happy Noob on YouTube

In order to unlock dive, you need to get and accept the quest “In Soroban We Trust”.

  1. After accepting the quest meet with Alisaie.
  2. A cutscene begins where Soroban casts a blessing on the team.
  3. After the cutscene the ritual completes and the players can breathe underwater.
  4. Go inside the ring of water.
  5. When underwater Soroban then summons Stingray-like creatures.
  6. After this cutscene, you will get a screen that says “Diving Unlocked”.

That covers this guide on how to dive underwater in Final Fantasy XIV, and how to unlock it. You should also find these guides useful on how to fix the connection with server was lost error, fix the launcher error, and all training dummy locations in this game.