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All FFXIV Training Dummy Locations

Here are the locations of all the training Dummy in FFXIV.

Final Fantasy IV is a massively multiplayer online RPG that can be played in PvE and PvP modes. Players improve their character and gain better statistics by collecting EXP in the game. The battle gameplay features a combination of physical attacks, weapon skills, and magical attacks. It would be so much better if we somehow get to practice our moves nicely before facing a real enemy. Well, there is a way you can do that in FFXIV using a training dummy and this guide will tell you all the locations of these striking dummies.


How to Find Striking Dummy in Final Fantasy IV

All Striking Dummy Locations in FFXIV
Image Source: Lynx Kameli (YouTube)

There are a couple of ways that most players can have a training dummy to practice their striking in Final Fantasy IV:

  • Public Training Dummies spread out in the open world.
  • Placing them in your house. (You will need a house plot built for this)

As mentioned above, the public training dummies are spread throughout the open world, and here are the locations that you can travel to and train your combat:


All Level 1-50 Training Dummy Locations

  • Central Shroud – The Bannock (X: 24.0, Y: 19.5) (X:23.4, Y: 20.5) [Level 1]
  • Middle La Noscea – Summerford Farm (X: 26.2, Y: 17.4) [Level 1]
  • Western Thanalan – Scorpion Crossing (X: 26.3, Y: 24.7) (X: 26.3, Y: 23.7) [Level 1]
  • Coerthas Central Highlands – Whitebrim Front X: (13.1, Y: 17.1) [Level 1]

All Level 50-70 Training Dummy Locations

  • Wolves’ Den Pier (X:6.5, Y: 5.8) (X: 4.5, Y: 5.0) [Level 50]
  • Coerthas Western Highlands – Falcon’s Nest (X: 31.5, Y: 38.7) [Level 50]
  • Coerthas Central Highlands – Whitebrim Front (X: 13.5, Y: 16.8) [Level 50]
  • The Dravanian Forelands – Tailfeather (X: 32.7,Y: 24.7) [Level 50]
  • The Dravanian Hinterlands – The Collector’s Quarter (X: 22.8, Y: 16.7) [Level 50]
  • The Fringes – Castrum Oriens (X: 9.9, Y: 11.8) [Level 60]
  • Yanxia – Namai (X: 31.0, Y: 16.5) [Level 60]
  • The Azim Steppe – Reunion (X: 34.0, Y: 27.0) [Level 60]

All Level 70-90 Training Dummy Locations

  • The Lochs – Porta Praetoria (X: 10.5, Y:20.5) [Level 70]
  • Ahm Araeng – Mord Souq (X: 27.6, Y: 14.6) [Level 70]
  • Kholusia – Stilltide (X: 35.8, Y: 27.0) [Level 70]
  • Labyrinthos – The Archeion (X: 31.9, Y: 13.3) [Level 80]
  • Thavnair – Yedlimad (X: 23.3, Y: 34.1) [Level 80]
  • The Bozjan Southern Front (X: 14.1, Y: 30.0) [Level 80]
  • Zadnor (X: 34.4, Y: 35.5) [Level 80]
  • Ultima Thule – Base Omicron (X: 30.6, Y: 26.9) [Level 90]

Training Dummy at House

Here’s a list of training dummies that you can place at your house. You will of course need to have a house with a yard first and you can get most of these at the Marketplace for Gil:

  • Riviera Striking Dummy – Get for 180 Allied Seals
  • Glade Striking Dummy – Get for 180 Allied Seals
  • Oasis Striking Dummy – Get for 180 Allied Seals
  • Alps Striking Dummy – Get by Crafting
  • Oriental Striking Dummy – Get by Crafting
  • Old World Striking Dummy – Get for 300 Centurio Seals
  • Faust Striking Dummy – Get by Crafting
  • Gyr Abanian Striking Dummy – Get for Five veterans clan marks
  • Crystarium Striking Dummy – Get for 300 Sacks of Nuts
  • Thavnairian Striking Dummy – Get for 300 Sacks of Nuts

While these two ways are most effective, there is one more way that players can practice using the striking dummies, the Stone, Sky, Sea training mode. It’s not as effective as the other two but players can look to try them out.


Hopefully, you can find all FFXIV training dummy locations with this guide. While you are here, don’t miss out on our Final Fantasy XIV guides, tips, and tricks with Gamer Tweak.