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FF14 Queue Not Moving? FFXIV Long Queue Times Explained

Is your FFXIV queue stuck and not moving? Here's what you need to know about the long FF14 queue times.

FF14 is a hugely popular game and now that the Endwalker expansion is here, the fan base is only going to get bigger. This also means that the FFXIV queue times may be long and you might wonder, why is the FF14 queue not moving? Let’s find out more about this issue today.

FFXIV Long Queue Times – Why is the FF14 Queue Not Moving?

ffxiv long queue times waiting

Many players are posting on Reddit and other forums about long waiting times and how the FF14 queue is not moving. This happens more so on a weekend where the number of players trying to join the game is high, especially after a new expansion or an update. Note that the FFXIV queue not moving issue could be occurring due to many players not logging out once they log in. Due to this, the server may get overloaded which is why your queue position is stuck.

Multiple players on Reddit have mentioned that they are in a queue of hundreds of people and had to wait for over an hour. Even when they quit and reconnect, the number stays exactly the same which is odd. Plus, sometimes, your position in the queue can go up instead of down. In such cases, chances are that the client has a bug. Also, there are reports that if you are a trial member, you have a lower priority than those who have a subscription. So, if your queue is not moving during the launch week or later then this could be the case.

How to Fix Long Queue Times?

There is nothing you can do to reduce the long queue times. You can try to disconnect and rejoin the queue after some time (during non-peak hours). If you think the queue is stuck on a number due to a bug, restart the client and check again. But apart from these things, it’s all a waiting game.

A Word from the Developers regarding the Server Congestion and Compensation

Here’s the blog posted by Naoki Yoshida, Producer & Director of FINAL FANTASY XIV that gives good insights related to the congestion situation.

Considering that we are asking players to wait in queues for extremely long periods of time and the ongoing situation making it difficult to play normally, we have decided that during the official release of Endwalker on December 7, we will be granting 7 days of free game time to all players who own the full version of the game and have an active subscription. This also includes players who are currently playing on the 30-day free play period included when registering the full version of the game and those with multiple accounts.

Furthermore, we may give additional free game time depending on further developments on the congestion situation. The timing at which the free game time will be provided, as well as any additional extensions, will be announced at a later time. We truly appreciate your cooperation and patience regarding the congestion situation.

Peak hours of congestion

Though the congestion status may vary for each logical data centre, I’d like to share information regarding the peak hours of congestion we’ve currently observed as of December 5.

  • North American Data Centre: 12:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. (PST) / 20:00 to 6:00 (GMT)
  • European Data Centre: 3:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (PST) / 11:00 to 23:00 (GMT)
  • Japan Data Centre: 1:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. (PST) / 9:00 to 15:00 (GMT)

That’s everything you need to know about FF14 queue not moving issue. Once you manage to get in, do check out our FFXIV guides related to the Endwalker expansion and more that will help you out.