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FF14 Servers Down: How To Check Final Fantasy XIV Server Status?

Is Final Fantasy XIV Down? Here's how to check Server Status.

Final Fantasy 14 is a popular online game which is why there are bound to be server issues sometimes. Especially when there’s a new update, more players flock back to the game to experience everything that’s newly added. In such scenarios, how to check if the servers are down? Here’s how to know the Final Fantasy XIV server status.

How to Check Final Fantasy XIV (FF14) Server Status

Is Final Fantasy XIV Down check server status

If you are unable to get into the game, it could be due to server maintenance because the devs are preparing for the newest update. The servers could also go down if the FFXIV servers get overloaded with players. To stay up to date about information regarding server outages, there are a few places you can keep your eyes on.

Here’s how to check if Final Fantasy XIV servers are down or not:

Visit the Final Fantasy XIV website

Check the Final Fantasy 14 website and head to the Maintenance tab. That is where you will find latest info about the server undergoing maintenance. Do check the Status tab for additional details about Worlds.

Check Sites that Report Downtime

You can also head over to sites that report the Final Fantasy XIV server status and outage information.

Check Social Media

To know if other players are also affected in a similar manner, head over to social media sites. There will be significant chatter on Reddit/Twitter about the FF14 servers if other players are also getting the same issue.

Contact the Support Team

In case the servers are not down and still you are not able to access the game, make sure to check your internet connection. If that is fine too then you can contact Support for more help.

That’s everything you need to know about Final Fantasy XIV server status and how to check if Final Fantasy 14 servers are down or not.

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