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Far Cry 6 Los Bandidos Operations Explained

Find out how the Los Bandidos Missions work in Far Cry 6.

The Los Bandidos Operations are a set of side missions that you can take part in Far Cry 6. These missions are a good way to earn exclusive rewards in the game. You will also be able to upgrade and improve your weapons in the game with exclusive items. Now, scroll down and learn more about the Los Bandidos Operations in FC6.

What are the Los Bandidos operations in Far Cry 6?


Far Cry 6 Bandido Operations: Los Bandidos Missions, Rewards & More

The Los Bandidos Operations are a set of side missions and quests that you can play in FC6. These missions will help you earn rare items and exclusive rewards in the game with ease. These operations are time-bound and will only be available after specific durations. This will make sure that players don’t keep farming for resources using this method.

Where to find the Los Bandidos Operations?


To take part in the Los Bandidos operations, you will have to go over to any Los Bandido board. These boards will be available in either of the three locations:

  • Madrugada
  • Valle De Oro
  • El Este

Once you find a board all you have to do is go over to it. Now that you are close enough you will get an interaction button with the Los Bandidos Operations board in Far Cry 6. Simply click on the button prompt and a menu will open up.


However, you have to remember that these missions are unlocked after time intervals. You will not be able to continually spam these missions to earn special rewards in the game.

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What happens in the Los Bandidos Operations in Far Cry 6?

The Bandido Operations are divided into three stages in the game. That means that each mission can be split up into 3 parts. First, you will have to go to the Bandido Boards and interact with them. Now, select a particular mission in the game from the board.


However, to take part in these operations you will first have to save people across Yara. These hostages are usually seen being pressed by the soldiers along the roadsides. Simply kill the soldiers and free the citizens. Doing this will allow you to recruit them in the game. You will also get to choose a leader from the people you save.

Every Bandido Operation requires a certain number of people to help complete it. So, make sure that you keep releasing and saving people all across Yara. This will also get you certain rewards that you can later use.

Now, once you select a particular operation, you will get a set of scenarios that show you how the mission can be carried out. These scenarios range in their methodology. You should ideally carry out the Los Bandidos operations in Far Cry 6 depending on the skills of your leader. This will make sure that the mission has higher chances of success.

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Bandido mission rewards

The mission rewards depend on the type of path you choose for each operation. This is because choosing a certain path for a mission might also result in you losing your recruits. So, make sure that you plan the operations accordingly. The best way to go is to follow the mission according to the strengths of the group leader.

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