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How To Unlock Fast Travel In Dead Island 2? (Travel Map Location)

Here's all about how you can unlock the fast travel waypoints & traverse quickly around the map locations in Dead Island 2.

To Fast Travel in Dead Island 2 you will have to access the Word Map. This map is used as the point to fast travel to different locations in the game. Fast Travel will unlock only after completing a Quest from the main story. Read this guide to know more about unlocking the Fast Travel option in Dead Island 2.

How to Unlock & Use Fast Travel Option in Dead Island 2?

How to Unlock & Use Fast Travel Option in Dead Island 2
Source Image: WoW Quests

To unlock the Fast Travel option in Dead Island 2 you’ll have to complete The Red Mist main story quest. You will have to exit the sewer area and then locate Blue Crab Restaurant at Venice Beach. Clear the Parking Lot and done. Check the detailed steps below.

How to Complete Red Mist Quest?

  1. Clear the Sewer area, you will unlock Blood Rush Ability and Fury Mode here.
  2. Once you are out you will be in the Venice Beach area. Go to Blue Crab Restaurant. Look for the blue Help flag on the right.
  3. The objective here is to clear the parking lot and close the Gate.
  4. Walk to the security cabin and press the Switch to close the gate. But this will not work because the Circuit Breaker is not working.
  5. Cross the road and walk towards Burger 66. Collect the Circuit Breaker attached to the panel on the right wall.
  6. Return to the restaurant gate and place the Circuit Breaker. Kill a few more zombies until the gate closes.

A cutscene begins as you enter the restaurant.  As soon as the quest gets completed it displays you the rewards & also informs you about the Fast Travel feature. However, to use it and teleport to other locations you will have to interact with the Fast Travel map. Such maps are usually placed on tables & walls in safe houses. Once you find it, press the prompt button and it’ll show you all the safe houses you can go to. It also allows the player to decide the time (Day or Night) of the place they are going to jump.

As of now, there are up to 12 safe houses you can teleport to. And also note, you can only fast-travel to the waypoints that you have previously visited. As the teleport points are scattered in various zones it’s best to first focus on the main story missions and exploring the map. Unlocking the waypoints beforehand will help you traverse quickly when you start doing the side quests. If you are not aware of all the safe house fast travel points then scroll down for more details.

List of All Fast Travel Waypoints Map Locations

List of All Fast Travel Waypoints Map Locations
Source Image: WoW Quests

Here are all the waypoint locations where you can find the Fast Travel maps in Dead Island 2. As mentioned earlier, the maps are usually placed on tables, platforms & walls. They can be identified by their red color and Los Angeles written on the left corner.

  • In Bel-Air, the Emma’s Mansion is the waypoint.
  • In Beverly Hills, the Roxanne’s House is the waypoint.
  • In Ocean Avenue, the Serling Hotel is the waypoint.
  • In Monarch Studios, the Green Screen is the waypoint.
  • In The Pier, the Lifeguard Headquarters is the waypoint.
  • In Venice Beach, the Blue Crab Grill Restaurant is the waypoint.
  • In BrentwoodSewer, the Maintenance Room is the waypoint.
  • In Hollywood Boulevard, the Re-Aging Clinic is the waypoint.
  • In The Metro, the Utility Storage is the waypoint.
  • In Halperin Hotel, the Janitor’s Office is the waypoint.
  • In Venice Beach, The Tower is the waypoint.
  • In Brentwood Sewer, the ZFZ is the waypoint.

Once you unlock the following waypoints, they’ll be marked as Signposts on your map. That covers all about how you can unlock the Fast Travel & all the map waypoint locations in Dead Island 2. If you are looking forward to exploring the zones in Los Angeles, then ensure you have some Guns unlocked. Also, don’t forget to check out our Character tier list to choose the best Slayer to go with.