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Starfield XP Farm Guide

Do you wish to Level up fast and unlock all the Skills? Check out the best ways to Farm XP in Starfield so that you level up quickly.

To unlock the best skills early, you will have to Farm XP in Starfield. Luckily, it is possible to speed up the process of gaining XP even in the starting phase. There’s so much you can do in this space adventure to earn it fast. But most of those methods will take plenty of your time. So to help you with this, here’s our XP Farming Guide that contains the easiest methods to level up quickly. Make sure you stick to the end to know the fastest way to reach higher levels within a few seconds.

Starfield XP Farm (Best Ways)

The most common way of farming unlimited XP is by completing quests and taking down enemies. But besides this, you can take advantage of XP boosts to speed up your earnings. For instance, here are a few ways through which you can gain an XP Boost in Starfield:

  • Sleep
    • Resting or sleeping for any amount of time will provide you with a Well-Rested bonus. This bonus blesses you with 10% extra XP for a shorter period.

Starfield Farm XP

You get an upgraded version of Well-Rested bonus known as Emotional Security. To get this boost, you will have to marry a companion after completing their ‘Commitment’ quest.

  • Drink Boba Alien Tea
    • Consuming this Alien beverage will provide you with a 1% XP boost for 15 minutes in real-time. To craft the Boba Alien Tea, you will need x1 Distilled Water and x1 Fiber.

Completing any task after enabling a boost will help you farm XP easily in Starfield. Apart from using the boosts, you can gain XP quickly even if you complete certain tasks. Scroll down to know:

Discover Flora and Fauna

Each Planet’s description shows the quantity of Flora and Fauna it has. You can land on such Planets and start exploring the Wildlife around. This isn’t an exploit but you can still earn around 400-500 XP by simply hunting down alien animals.

Explore Areas

Apart from Hunting, you can take a little time out to explore new areas and Planets just for exploration. Not only it will give you the visual delight of Starfield but also reward you with a good chunk of XP Points.

Use Cheat

You can skip all the grinding and hit any level you want by using the cheat – player.setlevel 123. Here, (123) can be any amount of level you want. You will get unlimited amount of Skill Points through this method without having to do anything. Just like this, there are several other Cheats and Console Commands available in Starfield.

As you keep on farming XP, you will earn Skill Points to unlock different Skills. It then becomes important for you to know all the 300+ Skills available. You can check out our guide on it to know what Skills are available for each department.

Now that you have the easiest ways to Farm XP in Starfield, ensure to make the most out of them. For more such content, you can check out our guide on the Best Skills To Unlock First. Just like this, we have plenty of other helpful guides stacked up in our dedicated section for Starfield at Gamer Tweak.