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Zelda TOTK Stambulb Locations: Where To Farm & Find

Want to farm Stambulb in Zelda: TOTK? Here's where you can find out all the Stambulb locations in Tears of the Kingdom to farm.

With the glooming monstrosities around Hyrule, it is critical for Link to cook or consume food like Stambulb in Zelda: TOTK to restore his HP. Often found in cold climates, you can use Stambulbs to recover your health. If you cook Stambulbs, you can also restore your stamina. Having a perfect balance between them both can help Link survive longer during intense boss fights. But where to obtain or find these resources? And can you farm Stambulbs? Check out our guide to find out where to farm Stambulbs in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom and their locations.

Where to Farm Stambulb in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (Locations)

stambulb locations where to farm zelda totk tears of the kingdom

You can get and farm Stambulbs in Zelda TOTK in almost every region across Hyrule. You will mostly find Stambulbs in abundance around the Great Sky Island, South Hyrule Sky Archipelago, and Thunderhead Isles on the surface map. If you want to farm Stambulbs in Tears of the Kingdom, you can rest for a full day. Once you have rested, these food materials will respawn in the same locations. Now, head over to the same locations as before to farm them.

So, here are the best locations for farming Stambulbs in TOTK:

Great Sky Islands

  • Head south to find x3 Stambulbs by the water’s edge.
  • You can also find many Stambulbs in the northeast region of the Great Sky Islands.

South Hyrule Sky Archipelago

  • In this region, you can find Stambulbs scattered around the region.
  • You can find 4-5 Stambulbs in the southwestern of the map.
  • Head north-east to find x3 Stambulbs in South Hyrule Sky Archipelago.

Sokkala Sky Archipelago

  • 2-3 Stambulbs can be found to the northeast of the Sokkala Sky Archipelago.

Eventide Island

  • Near the Eventide Island Chasm on a cliff.

Aside from our Stambulb locations above, you can also find them in other locations. We will add more locations as soon as we discover them. Note that the Hyrule’s surface map has the most Stambulbs to farm.

How to Use Stambulbs in Zelda: TOTK

You can use Stambulbs to restore half of Link’s heart in Tears of the Kingdom. While consuming it merely restores only half a heart, cooking different food dishes with this food material will help in recovering faster. So, here are all the Stambulb recipes you can use with their effects:

Cooked Stambulb

  • Effect: Recovers one Heart and one-quarter Stamina vessel.
  • Materials: x1 Stambulb

Buttered Stambulb

  • Effect: Recovers two heart containers and one full stamina vessel.
  • Materials:
    • x1 Stambulb
    • x1 Goat Butter

Energizing Steamed Fish

  • Effect: Recovers three hearts and half Stamina circle.
  • Materials:
    • x1 Stambulb
    • x1 Ancient Arowana
    • x1 Fish

If you are interested in more such recipes, check out our detailed Tears of the Kingdom Cooking recipes book for more insight.

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