Perigale & Sarofang In Warframe: How To Farm Blueprints & Components

Looking forward to acquiring the Perigale & Sarofang in Warframe? Then check out the methods to farm their blueprints & components.

In Warframe farming to get Perigale & Sarofang is not that easy. These are the two new weapons added in the previous update of the game. Both of them are pretty powerful and can surely come in handy during deadly fights. For those who are unaware, Sarofang is a heavy-blade axe weapon that primarily deals Slash damage. And Perigale is a sniper rifle that can deal a good amount of Puncture damage. If you can’t wait to manufacture and use these weapons, then we’ll help you speed up the process.

Where to Farm & Get Sarofang & Perigale in Warframe (Fast Methods)

In Warframe to farm Perigale & Sarofang blueprints and components you’ll have to play Yuvarium & Circulus Conjunction Survival missions on Lua. If you are not up for grinding, then simply head to Chrysalith and purchase the required items from Archimedean Yonta. However, make sure you have enough Lua Thrax Plasm for that. For a better understanding of the methods stated above, scroll down a little to view more details.

Perigale & Sarofang Blueprints & Components
Source Image: Gaming DauG

Conjunction Survival Missions

Playing the Conjunction Survival Yuvarium & Circulus on Lua can surely help you farm the blueprints and components. However, the following items for Perigale & Sarofang drop as Rotation rewards. This means you can only obtain the items after surviving for a required duration. Below we have mentioned all the rotation and duration details to obtain the blueprints & components.

  • To get both weapons blueprints you’ll have to survive for at least 5 to 10 minutes (Rotation A). The drop rate for these rare blueprints is 7.52%, which can is pretty low.
  • To get the components for both weapons, players will have to survive for at least 15 minutes (Rotation B). The Sarofang Blade & Handle has a drop rate of 6.00%. Similarly, the Perigale Barrel, Stock, & Receiver also have a drop rate of 6.00%.

If after reaching the mentioned duration mark still doesn’t get you the items, then we recommend you to extract & try again. Also, note players can only access Yuvarium & Circulus nodes after completing the War Within quest in the game.

Where to Farm & Get Sarofang & Perigale in Warframe (Fast Methods)
Source Image: Gaming DauG

Purchase from Archimedean Yonta

As mentioned above, players avoid the hassle to farm for Perigale & Sarofang in Warframe and purchase it from Archimedean Yonta. She is located on Chrysalith, the hub on Zariman Ten Zero. There you’ll be able to buy all the components and blueprints by using the Lua Thrax Plasm. Players can find this rare resource on Conjunction Survival. For your reference below is the price list of all the items you are looking for.

  • Perigale
    • Blueprint: 100 Lua Thrax Plasm
    • Barrel: 50 Lua Thrax Plasm
    • Receiver: 50 Lua Thrax Plasm
    • Stock: 50 Lua Thrax Plasm
      • Total Lua Thrax Plasm required 250
  • Sarofang
    • Blueprint: 100 Lua Thrax Plasm
    • Blade: 50 Lua Thrax Plasm
    • Handle: 50 Lua Thrax Plasm
      • Total Lua Thrax Plasm required 200

Trade (Bonus Method)

If farming for the resources is taking time and you don’t have time for the grind, then simply trade with your friends. However as a downside, apart from the components, the Blueprints cannot be traded. So make sure you get your hands on the blueprints at any cost and you’ll be good to go.

That sums up all about how you can farm for Perigale & Sarofang blueprints and components in Warframe. While you are here check out how to get Primed Mods in the game. Also, take a look at the best Melee weapon tier list.