How To Get Primed Mods In Warframe

Read this guide on how to get Primed Mods in Warframe.

Developed by Digital Extremes in 2013, Warframe is an online multiplayer RPG which is absolutely free to play. As you battle against other players, having the best builds is extremely vital. To create it, you will need to have Primed Mods. They are basically a buffed-up version of the Standard Mods. If you don’t know how to get Primed Mods in Warframe, then let us help you out.

How to Find Primed Mods in Warframe

There are primarily three ways to get Primed Mods in Warframe. Finding them is by no means easy. We will break down all the ways you can get them right here.

Void Trader

This is the place where you can get the most Primed Mods albeit for a hefty price. The Void Trader, otherwise known as Baro Ki’Teer comes every 2 weeks at the Public Relay. He is only available for 48 hours. He has at least three to four Primed Mods on show which refreshes every 2 weeks. These items will cost you Ducats – a special currency in Warframe.

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Get Primed Mods in Warframe

Login Rewards

You can also earn Primed Mods through Login Rewards. However, this method might take too much time as the minimum days you need to log in is 200 days. Here are the Primed Mods that you can get:

  • Primed Fury – 200 Days
  • Primed Vigor – 400 Days
  • Primed Shred – 600 Days
  • Primed Sure Footed – 900 Days

Trading with Friends

Another way to get Primed Mods in Warframe is by using the Trading feature. However, Primed Mods have an expensive trade tax at 1 million credits. Moreover, they usually sell anywhere between 400-600 Platinum. You will have to consider twice before buying as you may have to stock up on enough Credits and Platinum as well. You must also keep in mind that the Primed Mods you receive from Login Rewards cannot be traded.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Primed Mods in Warframe. If you liked reading this, look out for more such guides on our Warframe page right here.