Destiny 2: Platinum Medallion Farm In Guardian Games

Junaid Shaikh
3 Min Read

The Guardian Games 2023 have started in Destiny 2 where you can farm Platinum Medallions through Platinum Cards. It is meant to be an annual celebration of the people’s favorite classes. Besides all the new celebration stuff, it also adds two new guns namely the The Title and Taraxippos. It also introduces class-based matchmaking which matches you with other guardians in your class. Let’s look at how you can easily farm some Platinum Medallions in this event.

How to Easily Farm Platinum Medallion in Guardian Games Destiny 2

farm platinum medallions guardian games destiny 2

While there can be multiple ways to farm Guardian Games Platinum Medallions, this one can be done solo and easily in Destiny 2. Here are the steps you need to follow for this method:

  1. First, head over to the event vendor Eva Levante. Then, get the Neptune Platinum Card from her. This Contender Card will give you a random objective which at the end of the day will simply be about killing enemies.
  2. Next, make your way to Neomuna and select the Legendary replayable mission. From it, select the Breakneck mission from the list.
  3. Once you spawn in this mission, play it like usual and make your way through the enemies following the linear path of the level.
  4. Once you reach the first checkpoint of the level, right after the part where the game gives you a Strand to absorb, you will find a room that you have to jump over to. This will be behind a door that you can break through to enter.
  5. This room will have a Rally Barricade right behind the door. Rally at this Barricade and you can then start easily killing all the Vex there. Do this multiple times and you will easily farm the Platinum Contender Card objectives and earn yourself some Platinum Medallions.

That is how you can farm Platinum Medallion easily in the Guardian Games event for Destiny 2. Since you will be at Neomuna for this, you should also check out how to get Red Border Neomuna Weapons in Destiny 2 and while you are at it, get some mods for your Ghost by knowing how to get the Ghost mods in Destiny 2.

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