Division 2 Gear Score Farming: How To Unlock Operation: Dark Hours

how to unlock Operation: Dark Hours

The new mode titled Operation: Dark Hours has just been dropped to the Division 2 where 8 players can raid. This new mode will completely change the challenges and skills involved to play the Division 2, but in order to get access, you will need a Gear Score of 490 minimum. This guide will show you how to how to farm Gear Score 500 & prepare for the New Raid.

Getting your GS that high up is fairly straightforward now, you have to complete the campaign and once you are done with it, complete the three lairs again to unlock the Tidal Basin. Completing that will place you in World Tier 5.

You have a higher chance of getting a higher average GS dropped by enemies as you take them down in TU3. You do not have to equip the highest GS items but merely have them on you for it to be taken into consideration while calculating your GS score.

How To Farm a Higher Gear Score in Division 2

Daily Priority Hard / Challenging: These missions will be the best way to farm better GS items when you are working your way up to GS 490 and above. Make sure that you play these missions daily and keep an eye on the end-mission rewards as everything that gets dropped during it will be as good as junk.

Stronghold Bosses, Heroic Mission bosses, and Bounty bosses have a higher chance of dropping loot with a better GS, make sure you take down these bosses as often as possible. Bounties provided by Snitch NPC are often good for GS farming.

Control Point Alert Level 4 events will offer a higher chance of getting a better GS item, the more you play these the more chances you have of getting a higher GS score soon. But remember that as the level increases the missions keep getting more and more difficult.

Dark Zones and Contaminated Zones will also always drop loot with the higher GS, basically the more danger you put yourself in the higher the reward. Make sure you plan out your strategy and if possible take a team with you t farm higher GS score items.

This is all there is to know about how to increase your Gear Score to 490 and an above in order to gain access to Operation: Dark Hours. Make sure you check out other guides as well.

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