How To Farm Baleful Fragments In Diablo 4

As players move towards the endgame of Diablo 4, they will be in dire need of upgrading their gear as soon as they can find the right materials for it. Of course, players can look to farm Legendary Items but it won’t be so easy. In such cases, players can instead farm Baleful Fragments and use them to upgrade their Legendaries in Diablo 4. Baleful Fragments are a few of the rarest items in the game and they won’t show up easily. These are one of the things that players can get after completing the campaign. If you are also looking to upgrade your Legendaries, check out how to get Baleful Fragments.

How to Get Baleful Fragments in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Farm Baleful Fragments
Image Source: Deadly Deity (YouTube)

Players can farm Baleful Fragments by salvaging their Legendary gear with a power of 400 or above in Diablo 4. Simply head over to one of the Blacksmith NPC in the major town and then you can salvage the Legendary items that you have (and are not going to use) and in return get the Baleful Fragments. Once you interact with the Blacksmith, you will be able to see the salvage option. Make sure that the Legendary item that you salvage is of no use to you since you cannot have them back.

How to Use Baleful Fragments

Once players get Baleful Fragments, they can head to the Blacksmith or Occultist depending on the Legendary Item that they want to upgrade in Diablo 4. Upon interacting with either of them, players will be able to get the option to upgrade items where they will be required to provide the necessary Baleful Fragments. Legendaries are quite important as you look to progress on the Paragon Board system so make sure you keep upgrading your weapons or farm new ones.

That’s all we have on how to get and use Baleful Fragments in Diablo IV. While you are here, check out Ruins of Eridum, Aspect of Exploding Mist, and other Diablo IV guides right here at Gamer Tweak.