Best Way To Farm Architect Merlot In Arcane Odyssey Roblox

Want all item drops and gold? Here's the best way to farm Architect Merlot in Arcane Odyssey.

Arcane Odyssey is a fun Roblox game that features various types of bosses and enemies to fight against. One of these bosses is the Architect Merlot, the Waltz of Death, which drops Silent Blades & Sanguine. But as all the boss drops have lesser chances, a majority of Roblox players are looking to farm their bosses. But is there a genuine way to farm this mini-boss? Yes, and it is pretty easy. So, check out our guide for the best way to farm Architect Merlot in Arcane Odyssey.

Best Way to Farm Architect Merlot in Arcane Odyssey

best way farm architect merlot arcane odyssey

Architect Merlot is a mini-boss that is located on Whitesummit inside the Assassin Syndicate lair in the Blackwater Grotto region. He has 2700 Health if you are looking to fight him up front in the lair. But for those looking for a cheesing method to farm this mini-boss, there is a simpler way.

So, here’s how you can farm the Architect Merlot boss in Arcane Odyssey:

  • You can farm the Architect Merlot by standing on the ground above him.
  • Head out of the lair and reach the main starting point of the Whitesummit region.
  • From there, head upwards where you can find some stair-type blocks. For the exact location, you can refer to the above image.
  • Press the Info button to the bottom-left of the screen next to the Inventory option.
  • Select the Magic tab and choose the spell you are going to use from the menu. You can either choose Poison or any other Magic type of your liking.
  • Then, select the Edit button to customize your spell.
  • Edit the type of the Magic spell to Pillar and increase its Size to 100%.
  • Also, keep the Spell duration to five and name it if you want to.
  • Finally, use this spell to hit him through the ground from above.
  • When Architect Merlot starts using different spells, you can see it on the Chat menu to your top-right.
  • To counter these incoming attacks, jump on the above higher ground. And use your spells from that location.
  • Note that Merlot’s attacks can also hit you through the ground in some rare instances. So, be cautious and try to finish the boss quickly.

Once you have defeated the Architect Merlot, he can drop Silent Blades and Sanguine. These items have a drop chance of 1/5 totaling the chances for a specific item by 2%. But farming this boss is the best if you are looking to get more Gold Galleons and Fame points.

That’s everything covered about the best way to farm Architect Merlot in Arcane Odyssey. If you liked this guide, check out our guides on how to complete Dotta’s necklace quest, how to despawn Ship, how to get all Scrolls, and more Arcane Odyssey Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.