How To Get Scrolls In Arcane Odyssey (All Scroll Types)

Check out this guide to know how to obtain all Scrolls in Arcane Odyssey.

Are you looking to get your hands on the Scrolls in Arcane Odyssey? If yes, then you have just arrived at the right place. Apart from all the other Stats, Magic is what you going to need on a regular basis. Moreover, there is a plethora of Magic Skills that our in-game character can possess. However, learning Magic is not a piece of cake as you would have to find Scrolls first. There are different types of Scrolls in this Roblox experience with different benefits. That being said, here is everything you should know.

All Scroll Types & How to Get them in Arcane Odyssey

All Scroll Types & How to Get them in Arcane Odyssey
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Here are all the types of Scrolls that you can obtain in this game:

Enchantment Scroll

An Enchantment Scroll can be found by opening Scroll Chests or Sealed Chests. While you can open a Scroll Chest easily, it is quite different in the case of a Sealed Chest. Once you obtain a Sealed Chest from the Sea, take it to the Shipwright NPC to open it. There is a 10% chance that you will obtain an Enchantment Scroll from a Sealed Chest. After collecting it, you can find it directly inside your Inventory. From there, you can click on it and apply Enchantment on any compatible item to grant it a buff.

Lost Spell Scroll

In Arcane Odyssey, you can obtain a Lost Spell Scroll by opening Sealed Chest. Also, you can get it by completing certain quests or tasks. Once you have obtained it, you can use it to unlock any Lost Spell. Although, different Lost Spells require the players to be on a certain level while unlocking it. On an important note, when a spell is forgotten, you would not get the Scroll back in Arcane Odyssey.

Lost Magic Scroll

A Lost Magic Scroll can be found by opening a Sealed Chest or by completing a sea-based task. Using this Scroll, you can learn Lost Magic like Storm Magic or Flare Magic. Also, you should have a Magic Level of 600 or more to be able to activate the Lost Magic Scroll in Arcane Odyssey.

Ancient Magic Scroll

You can get an Ancient Magic Scroll similarly like you get a Lost Magic Scroll. It is the rarest Scroll to obtain in Arcane Odyssey and will require the player to have high Magic Levels to activate. Once used, players can learn Ancient Magic like Scorch Magic, Electron Magic, and much more.

That covers everything on how to get all the Scrolls in Arcane Odyssey. While you are here, make sure to check out our other Arcane Odyssey Guides on Gamer Tweak.