Best Zelda TotK Amber Farming Locations (Farm Guide)

Amber is an uncommon item with a good selling price, so collect them with this material farming Zelda TotK guide and become rich.

Selling minerals like Amber to Ramella is the fastest way of earning Rupees in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. And though they are not very rare, tracking, extracting, and farming Amber in TotK can be challenging, as they are available in multiple locations. Thus, to make your search easier, we have created this list of areas, formations, and potential enemies that drop this item.

Best Locations to Farm Amber in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

Amber Farm Locations Zelda TotK
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There are primarily three ways to farm Amber in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Rare Stone Talus, Mineral Deposits, and Chests. Chests are random, but Ukouh Shrine (0275, -0913, 1474) and Kikakin Shrine (-0396, 2736, 0302) Treasure Chests are fixed Amber providers in TotK. Talking about Mineral Deposits, they are present in Caves and Wells all over the map, some of which we have listed below.

Mineral Deposits and Chests to Farm Amber in TotK

Before exploring these Amber locations of TotK, you should set this item in Sensor+ for easy tracking.

  •  South of Tal Tal Peak (4167, 0058, 0332)
  • Marblod Plain (2814, -2244, 0109)
  • Pico Pond (1157, 1141, 0020)
  • North of Farosh Hills (0565, -2383, 0096)
  • Puffer Beach Overhead Cave (0284, -3851, 0034)
  • South of Windvane Meadow (-0604, -0886, 0043)

Best Rare Stone Talus Locations

Talus are of different types, from battle to frost and Igneo to Stone, spread everywhere. Among these, Rare Stone Talus is the minority. Therefore, refer to this guide to hunt all the Surface Rare Stone Talus and get plenty of Amber in TotK.

  • Guchini Pain (1020, -3379, 0023)
  • Tanagar Canyon (-3491, 0171, -0105)
  • North of Gerudo Canyon (-2306, -2453, 0358)
  • North of Mount Drena (-0394, 2956, 0148)
  • West of Horse God Bridge (0524, -3710, 0060)
  • North Akkala Beach (4678, 2998, 0003)
  • East of Taafei Hill (-2600, -1782, 0178)

Though there are several locations where you can farm Amber in Zelda TotK, these are the top among them. So explore all the coordinates and defeat mentioned Rare Stone Talus to collect and sell Amber in exchange for rupees. Also, check out this Money farming guide to get unlimited Rupees.

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