What Are Fair Play Points In Pokemon Unite & How Can You Earn Them

Learn everything you need to know about the new Fair-Play Points system in Pokemon Unite.

The Fair-Play Points is a new system feature in Pokemon Unite aimed at promoting fair gameplay among players. In this article, we will show you exactly what these points are and how you can get them in the game.

What Are Pokemon Unite Fair-Play Points & How Can You Get Them?

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Check out everything you need to know about the Fair-Play Points system in Pokemon Unite.

What is the Fair-Play Point System?

  • As mentioned earlier, the primary aim of the Fair-Play system is to promote fair play among players of Pokemon Unite.
  • This is to ensure players do not use illegitimate methods to win matches against opponents.
  • Idling or quitting games are ways players may try to disrupt the gameplay experience for opponents.
  • This system works by rewarding players who play fairly with points. It deducts points from players who do not play with fair means.
  • If you want to check how many Fair-Play points you may have in Pokemon Unite, go to the Trainer Info page by clicking on the left bumper.
  • Once you do so, scroll down until you find Fair-Play Points. In this menu, you will find your total points as well as your rating. You will also find the 4 different levels of ratings in the Fair-Play system.
  • These are as follows:
  • If you score between 90-100 points, you will be eligible to receive Fair-Play Points.
  • Scoring between 80-89 points means you will not be eligible to receive Fair-Play Points.
  • A score between 60-79 points will see you getting a Ranked match ban.
  • If you score between 0-59 points, you will receive a random match ban.
  • This means that you are eligible to earn rewards once you reach 90 Fair-Play points.

How to Earn them?

  • The simplest thing to remember if you want to earn Fair-Play Points is to never quit or idle during games.
  • Abandoning matches will lead to a one point deduction.
  • Idling during games will lead to a two point deduction.
  • If you idle for a long period of time, you will lose 5 points. Idling with malicious intent will cause you to lose 8 points.
  • You will be notified about point losses after you complete a game.
  • At the same time, if you complete a battle with the standard CPU, you will be given one point.
  • Completing a ranked match or a standard battle random match will give you two points.
  • This makes it extremely important to give your best during each game. You need to make sure you do not idle or quit, because doing so will badly affect your Fair-Play ratings.

And that is all you need to know about the Fair-Play Points system and how you can earn it in Pokemon Unite.

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