Helldivers 2: How To Extract

Wondering how you can trigger and complete extraction during a mission in Helldivers 2? Our guide will help you understand everything you need to know about this process.

In Helldivers 2, players will have to complete several missions and orders that are assigned to them. Similarly, once you have completed missions like the Rescue Science Team, towards the end, you will have to get to the extraction point. Although the missions you have to participate in will be quite tricky, completing this extraction is one of the most complicated parts of the missions.

As a result, many players wonder what they need to do to start the extraction and how they can complete it without taking much damage. Therefore, to help you with this, here’s everything you need to know about this complicated process so that you can finish your mission, board the ship, and exit the bug-infested planet.

How to Extract in Helldivers 2

The extraction will become available once you have completed the objectives of the mission in Helldivers 2
The extraction will become available once you have completed the objectives of the mission in Helldivers 2 (Image – erebusparcae on YouTube)

To begin the extraction process, players will first have to complete the main objective or goal of the mission. Once you have completed the objectives and the mission, you will be instructed to go to the extraction point. You will then have to make your way to the extraction zone. You can do so by checking your minimap.

Once you have reached this zone, you must look for the extraction terminal and activate it. To do this, interact with the terminal and enter the command sequence displayed. Additionally, this process is the same as activating Stratagems. After successfully entering the command, the extraction will begin, and you will have to defend this zone until the ship arrives.

Additionally, this shuttle will arrive after the timer goes out. Protecting this zone will be one of the most difficult parts of the mission, as you must defeat all the enemies that will charge toward you from all sides.

As a result, ensure you have equipped the best Stratagems before beginning any of these missions. This is because only powerful explosives that will deal a lot of damage can be used to defend yourself and your team during this situation. You can board and exit the planet once the timer goes out and your shuttle arrives.

This is everything you need to know about how you can begin and complete the extraction process in Helldivers 2. If you want to level up in this game, make sure to go through our Medal farming guide and also find out how you can defeat Bile Titan, Bile Spewers, and Automatons, here on Gamer Tweak.