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Starfield Executive Assistant Job Answers (Red Tape Blues)

Here are the correct responses for the Executive Assistant Job Application in Starfield. Select these answers and bag your job at Deimos.

Are you looking for the correct Answers to the Executive Assistant Job Application in Starfield? Then that’s what you will be getting in this guide. For a quick recap, this all happens during the Red Tape Blues quest. After depositing 10 Units of Iron to Trevor Petyarre, he will ask you to apply for the job. This is done by interacting with the computer at Deimos Staryard. Now, there’ll be 7 questions presented to you. Scroll down on this page to know the correct responses to all the Executive Assistant Questions.

Starfield Executive Assistant Job Application Answers

Check out below to know all the correct answers to the Exec Assistant Job questions during the Red Tape Blues quest:

  • How many years of experience do you have as an executive, administrative, or other corporate assistant?
    • 5 -10 years
  • What is the highest level of education you have completed?
    • Bachelor’s Degree
  • The Executive wants you to bring them a “whiskey, neat.” What does that mean?
    • Trick question. Executives aren’t allowed to drink on the job
  • A VIP arrives at the office for a meeting with the Executive, who is inexplicably running late. What should you do?
    • Offer drinks. Apologize, assure that the exec will return soon
  • A malfunction prevents the Executive’s starship from starting up, and they need to go to an important offworld meeting soon. What course of action do you take?
    • Use the company credits to immediately charter an expensive luxury craft
  • While handling the Executive’s email, you come across a message from someone claiming to have damaging information about the Executive. What should you do?
    • Take the info to the board of directors so they can handle it
  • The Executive contacts you and asks you to see them in their office in the middle of the night. You can tell they are drunk. What do you do?
    • Contact security and let them deal with it

The above are the most appropriate answers to the Executive Assistant Job questions in Starfield. Regardless of the choices you make, you are going to get selected as Peter’s Assistant. How? Well, Trevor will ask you to delete all other Candidates Applications.

How to Delete Other Applications for Executive Assistant Job

Here’s how you can delete other applications and bag the job for yourself:

  • First, head over to the Corporate Office upstairs.
  • Follow the objective marker and reach the Deimos HR Computer.
  • Next, interact with it and enter the Job Applications Folder.

Starfield Executive Assistant Job Application Answers

  • From there, scroll down and select Delete All Other Candidate Applications.

Doing so will ensure your job as you will be the only applicant left. Doing jobs such as the Executive Assistant at Deimos is a part of Starfield’s role-playing aspect. Aside from this, you can also apply for a job at the Ryujin Industries and join their faction.

That’s everything covered about the Executive Assistant Job Application Question & Answers in Starfield. To help you in every way possible, we have made a Wiki & Strategy Guide. Be sure to check it out and get access to plenty of helpful guides.