Should You Evolve To Mind Flayer In BG3? (Answered)

To evolve in BG3 or not, that's the question. Check out our guide to find out if you should let the Emperor evolve you in Baldur's Gate 3.

If you are confused if you should evolve in Baldur’s Gate 3, it’s alright as transforming into a Mind Flayer is a huge decision to make. And considering the Emperor is an ambiguously secretive and untrustful character, it might be more tricky to choose. As you progress, certain choices like using Tadpole or Illithid powers have consequences that may affect the storyline or the ending. While using these powers, you can either evolve as a Mindflayer or resist becoming powerful like the Emperor. But should you evolve in BG3 or not? Check out our guide to find out if you should let the Emperor evolve you into a Mindflayer.

Should You Let Emperor Evolve You or Not in Baldur’s Gate 3?

baldur's gate 3 should you evolve or not bg3

Yes, you should evolve in BG3 if you are looking to use the best Illithid powers. Like using these powers, letting the Emperor evolve you in Baldur’s Gate 3 has multiple outcomes. When asking you to evolve for the first time, the Emperor gives you an Astral-touched Tadpole to transform into a Half-Mindflayer. While only a partial-Illithid transformation, you will unlock more Illithid powers and its skill tree.

But the downside of this transformation is that all of your party members will disapprove of your decision. Though you can convince them to use the Tadpole to raise and enhance their Illithid powers. Speaking of Physical appearance, your character will grow veins all over their body due to this transformation. If you don’t want to go through this decision of using Illithid powers or evolving into a Mindflayer in BG3, you can choose to reject the tadpole. As a result, you can find the Astral-touched tadpole in your Inventory which can be used whenever it seems fit.

Although transforming into a Partial-Illithid doesn’t have any impact on the storyline, completing your Mindflayer evolution does affect the ending. Once you have evolved into a Half-Mindflayer in Baldur’s Gate 3, choose to complete the transformation by consuming the Supreme Tadpole. If you do so, you will unlock all the Illthid powers with their advanced upgrades.

If you enjoy using the overpowered Illithid powers, we recommend letting the emperor evolve you. But if are siding with the Absolute against the Emperor with your party members, we suggest not evolving in BG3. So, we leave the rest of the decision to you. 

baldur's gate 3 should you evolve or not bg3

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