How To Evolve Golbat In Pokemon Legend Arceus

Suraj Nai
2 Min Read

If you are wondering how you can evolve Golbat in Pokemon Legend Arceus, then let us tell you, you are not alone. Just like you, many players out there are griding to complete their Pokedex at any cost. However, unlike Golbat or its previous evolution Zubat, the final evolution of this Poison & Flying Pokemon can’t be caught in the game. But don’t worry, for your reference below we have mentioned all the requirements and other details you need to obtain it.

How Can I Evolve Golbat into Crobat in Pokemon Legend Arceus

How Can I Evolve Golbat into Crobat in Pokemon Legend Arceus

In Pokemon Legend Arceus to evolve the Golbat you’ll have to increase its friendship level. Doing so will give you the final evolution of the Golbat known as Crobat. If your friendship level with this Poison & Flying type Pokemon is low, then here’s how you can increase it.

  • Go ahead and add Golbat to your active party and take it to battles.
  • Give it some Rare Candies & EXP Candies
  • Use Golbat to harvest berry trees, tumblestone ores, or other resources.

And that’s how you’ll be able to increase Golbat friendship and evolve it into Crobat in the game. However, while you are taking this Pokemon to battle to work on your friendship, ensure it doesn’t faints. Or else it’ll decrease your friendship level with him drastically. If you are unaware of the Crobat stats, then scroll down for more details.

Crobat Stats

For your reference, here’s a list of Golbat’s final evolution, Crobat Stats.

  • Health (HP): 85
  • Attack (Atk): 90
  • Special Attack (SpAtk): 70
  • Defence (Def): 80
  • Special Defence (SpDef): 80
  • Speed: 130
  • Total: 535

With that said, this covers all about how you can evolve Golbat into Crobat in Pokemon Legend Arceus. If you are a newcomer then check out how you can craft items in the game. Also, take a look at the Tier List to shortlist the best Pokemon for your party.