Resident Evil 2 had loads of easter eggs and we have found the best

More things hide in Racoon City Police Department than you first thought

Resident Evil Franchise without a  doubt changed the horror genre for the better and have been one of the heavyweights of the gaming community, they are always pushing the limits to provide an experience players have never felt before and that includes working hard and keeping track of minor details in the game, but as the saying goes the devil is in the details and since the game does rely upon undead creatures trying to make a meal out of you the developers have left behind a host of easter eggs for those players who keep an eye out for the smallest of the things in the game.


Here’s a list of the most epic easter eggs found in Resident Evil 2


Wellcome Leon


Fans of the original game are well aware of the welcome sign posted inside the Racoon City Police Department, welcoming their newest recruit to the force but before they get the chance to celebrate the city is infected by a zombie virus and Leon never gets the welcome party he deserved. Though in the original the welcome sign was misprinted as “Wellcome Leon”. This time around the developers have corrected the typo but left a single ‘L’ on the table for the nostalgic fans.


Gas Station Release date


Another homage is given to the original game with the release date of the original date which is January 29th, 1998 which is posted on a flyer at the gas station which you enter at the start of the game, it is there perhaps to remind players of the original game’s release date and how much it has changed since then.


Elza Walker


If you are one of the people who has bought the deluxe version of the game you will find a motorcyclist attire which was designed for Elza Walker, on whom the character of Claire is based on. Elza was supposed to be in the original game but was then later modified to Claire Redfield for the launch of the game but the developers made sure to honour Elza’s memory with this clever easter egg.




Armless Mannequins were one of the most controversial topics of Resident Evil 7 and they seemed to move when the player turned their back on them, incredibly creepy which spooked a lot of players and gave them a new topic to discuss, made a comeback in Resident Evil 2, these can be found on the 3rd Floor of the Racoon City Police Department. These do not move but neither do they look appealing.


Rebecca Chambers


Those who have grinded through the original Resident Evil 2 know how hard it is to find the risqué picture of a rookie Rebecca Chambers. This cheesy detail made finding the easter egg in the original that more fun as players were scampering inside the game trying to find it and players had to use the desk 50 times in order to find it. This time around though the developers have made it easier to find and not only that but have also remastered the image. Seems like a lot of work to place something most players won’t be able to find.


We will have more content about Resident Evil 2 and more games as we keep finding them, till then you may want to read this: How to get additional costumes for Leon and Claire in Resident Evil 2

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