Escape From Tarkov Launcher Not Working Fix 2024

EFT launcher not working properly, leading to login or connection issues? Here’s what to do next.

Is the Escape From Tarkov launcher not working, specifically after an update patch or wipe? This can be frustrating, especially if you were excited to try out the new content but couldn’t because it won’t let you login or connect. In this guide, we will explain the causes behind this problem and what you can do to potentially fix the Battlestate Games launcher error if it’s a player-side issue.

Why is the Escape From Tarkov Launcher Not Working?

escape from tarkov launcher error not working

There could be multiple error messages that can pop up if EFT launcher is not working at the moment. If it’s a widespread issue, you can check with fellow players on forums and wait until the developers provide fix from their end. The servers could be down too, so go ahead and check the server status here.

For instance, in December 2023, players saw an error with a status code: Gateway Timeout when trying to access the Escape from Tarkov launcher. In this situation, the first thing you need to do is head over to the official Twitter accounts of @tarkov and @bstategames to see if they have posted an update for players.

If the tweets don’t load, here’s what they say:

eft developer response about launcher error
Source: Twitter

“We are aware of the issues with downloading the latest update and launching the game over the past 4 hours and working on resolving them. Thank you for your understanding” and “The issues with downloading the latest update and launching the game have been resolved. We will continue to maintain the stability of the launcher and in-game functionality.”

As you can see, the developers acknowledged the error and if there’s a workaround available, they will share it as well.

Now, if there’s nothing mentioned on their official Twitter account, but you are still facing issues with Escape From Tarkov launcher not working properly, there are a few things you can do. However, before heading into the potential fixes, make sure it’s not your internet that’s the problem while trying to start the Battlestate Games launcher. Check your internet speed via and if it’s working as expected, move on to the troubleshooting steps mentioned here.

Potential Fixes for BSG EFT Launcher Error

Solution 1

Close the launcher completely and restart it. Next, run the game as administrator. Sometimes a lack of permission causes the EFT launcher to stop working. You can also turn off your PC and reboot it to get a fresh start for the game.

Solution 2

Turn off your VPN or any third-party antivirus software temporarily that you may have installed that may interfere with the launcher. You can whitelist EFT in your Firewall Settings as well.

Solution 3

how to verify game files eft launcher
Source: EFT Forum member TheWay

Verify Game Files by clicking on the downward arrow under your account name and selecting Integrity Check. Let the verification process complete and then restart.

Solution 4

Uninstall the game, then uninstall the launcher. Then reinstall the launcher and the game and test if it loads up correctly. This is to be done if files got corrupted during download or if they were incomplete.

Lastly, if nothing works out and if the Escape from Tarkov launcher is still not working for you, it might be time to contact EFT support and they will help you out.