Escape From Tarkov Gateway Timeout Error

Here's a guide to fix the Escape From Tarkov Backend Error that displays Gateway Timeout on your screen.

The Escape from Tarkov Gateway Timeout error is a frustrating issue that prevents players from logging into the game. It essentially means that the game client isn’t able to connect with the server in a particular time frame and this error can come up due to multiple reasons.

If you’ve encountered messages like Gateway Timeout, Backend error, and Error HTTP 1.1 504 among others, it could be because of a Tarkov wipe, client-side, or player-side issue. This could happen every time a new patch goes live, so take a look at the causes of the EFT gateway timeout error in this article.

Escape from Tarkov Gateway Timeout Error Causes and Potential Fixes

Fix Escape From Tarkov Backend Error Gateway Timeout

If you are encountering the EFT Gateway Timeout error, it could be due to Network issues or Server issues.

So the first task that you need to complete is to check the server status of Escape from Tarkov. Chances are that the EFT servers are offline for maintenance, outage, or overloaded due to too many players. You can follow our interlinked guide to find out how to check the server status of the game.

Once you can pinpoint the servers as the cause of the problem, you will know that there is nothing you can do to fix the Escape from Tarkov Backend Error HTTP 1.1 504 Gateway Timeout. All you can do in this case is wait for the servers to get back to normal.

You can also follow the Twitter page of Battlestate Games to get any server maintenance updates beforehand.

Just in case, this was not the issue with you, we recommend you check out your internet connection for any unknown error. Restart your router and try again.

In case the servers were not down, and your internet is not the problem here, first, make sure you have the latest update installed. If you’ve already done that previously, reinstall Escape from Tarkov and check if a fresh download fixes things. Sometimes files can get corrupted due to incomplete downloads, so uninstalling and reinstalling may do the trick.

Lastly, if nothing fixes the problem, we recommend you contact EFT Support.

And that’s all there is on how to fix the Escape from Tarkov Gateway Timeout error.