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What Does Escape From Tarkov ‘Completed Raid too early’ Means?

Got a message that you have done with the raid too fast than expected, here is what to do?

Escape From Tarkov is a challenging multiplayer game. Players on the battleground will have to reach the extraction point without dying first. Some players go well with the challenge of completing every objective, while some are too fast. You will land upon a message stating you have completed the raid fast in Escape From Tarkov. I will share details on what it really means, how to avoid completed this raid too early error message, and how not to lose XP points due to this issue?

How to avoid “Completed this raid too early” in Escape from Tarkov?


Escape from Tarkov Ran Through Status

Completed this raid too early message appears if you complete the mission without completing major activities. The message appears at the end of the match if as a player you achieved “Ran Through” exit status. It concludes the player has not completed enough action to complete the raid. Below is the full error message.

“Attention! You have completed this raid too early.

You have failed to gain enough experience. Therefore, you have received the Ran Through exit status.”


How to avoid Ran Through Exit Status?

In simple words, you have excluded common objectives like killing Scavs and looting different objects throughout the map. If you skip these things you will fall in the Ran Through Exit status that affects the level and XP earning status.

You will be regularly granted this status if you are too little thing during the raid. The status aims to encourage players to explore more and increase the level of interaction during the raid.


Being a part of the Escape from Tarkov raid your aim should grab as much loot as possible and skill scavs to level up. If you are leaving too early you will be granted the status which may or may not restrict you from the coming raid. Because there are other players also who are putting more effort into completing the raid. Below are the rules of Ran through status.

Ran Through Exit Rules:

  • Gain minimum of 600XP.
  • Stay in the Raid for 10 Minutes before escaping.


Now you know what really is “You have completed this raid too early” message means. And also possible ways to avoid the Ran Through Exit Status. The next best thing to do is scan through some free Escape from Tarkov Promo Codes. You can unlock in-game rewards using these codes.