How To Fix Diablo 3 Error Code 24004? (T16 Public Games)

Here is what you should know about the error code 24004 error for Diablo 3.

Many Diablo 3 players are getting the code 24004 error in the game and need a fix. This is happening for T16 players that are trying to join public games. And this bug is preventing them from taking part in bounties, greater rifts, and more. So here is what happens when you get the error 24004 and if you can fix it.

How to Fix Diablo 3 Error Code 24004?

diablo 3 what is the error code 24004

As of now, there is no known fix for the Code 24004 Error for Diablo 3. You can check the Main Thread on Blizzard forums where they have acknowledged this issue. Blizzard’s reply on Twitter is also the same. As per the response from Customer Support, the developers are “investigating the underlying cause.” But the problem is this error has been around for a month now and there seems to be no fix.

This issue is only on T16, and the worst part is none of the public lobbies will work for it. So you cannot do rifts, bounties, or greater rifts. But many players claim that you could lower the Torrent level and play on public lobbies. So the closest thing to a solution for this error right now is to lower your difficulty and play on T15.

Aside from that you could try general fixes like restarting the game, scanning and verifying your files, or even reinstalling the game completely. But there is slim to no chance that it will work.

So the only way this problem will fix once and for all is when the developers release some patch for it. Once it is out update your game and then try playing it and you shouldn’t get the Error Code 24004 in Diablo 3.

That covers this guide on what error code 24004 is in Diablo 3 and if you can fix it. For more help on other topics for this game be sure to check out our guides on where to find black mushroom, how to fix the error 395002, stuck on retrieving hero list fix, and more.